A lot of us out and about yesterday and today. Some of us with trips, some just fishing for fun. With ALL of us agreeing that the fishing on high water is damn nuts right now. Nymphs, soft hackles, big midges, small midges…it hasn’t really mattered. But it’s been a ball.

The sulphurs and blue wings have been wide open. For those who would dig some fall high water sulphurs, this is definitely the time. Cripples, puffs, even basic comparaduns are all getting the job done…not too picky those fish are being. It’s nice. Yellow bugs are the norm here in the fall, but don’t always expect a blanket hatch like the spring and summer months bring. However, there are definitely still enough bugs to bring up a bunch of fish. A “fishable hatch” is what we like to call it. Nice heads are being found on them too.

High water will be the standard this week. The lakes need to come back down from the recent rains.

We’ll keep rockin’ here on the South Holston River. Trips, info and all you need to make a day great are available daily here at the shop.


South Holston River 10.17.14

003 (47)

Still pretty awesome here on the South Holston River. Not much has changed. Although we most likely won’t be seeing as much low water these next few days, the high water bite will remain as good as ever. The nymph fishing that is. Maybe some dry fly stuff for those who look hard enough, or are even lucky enough to get into some decent bugs. It’s been a guessing game here lately. When the sulphurs have been up it’s been good at times, but when they aren’t around, staring at the bobber has been the thing to do.

For those that want to get an early start to beat the water? Midge fishing is what most are doing. Nothing special. Darker zebras and stripper midges will be sufficient enough. Olive nymphs will also do the trick. Olive nymph on top and trail it with a midge? Sounds like a good combo to me.

It really is a great time to be here on the South Holston River. Let us know how we can help with guiding, flies, loads of free high speed info and much more regarding these fantastic resources.


South Holston River 10.14.14

001 (42)
IMG_20141009_112426_534 (640x480) (2)

Does it look like fall here on the South Holston River? Yep. Does it feel like fall though? Not really. There are still hints of summer lingering in East Tennessee. Bring on some cooler weather if you ask me.

The fishing hasn’t cooled off much either. It’s quite alright. Good midging in the morning on low water is to be expected. Some Blue Wings have also been around during the morning hours. Those afternoon olives are not quite here yet though. A cool down will be needed for them I believe. But then again…

Sulphurs are still in style. When are they not, however? Fall is a great time to fish to those fish looking for the yellow bug. It’s been a great one so far. Honest.

High water afternoons will continue through the week as we have had a bit of a spike in the lake levels due to this weekends rains. We needed it though. No complaints on our end. Thinking about doing a half and half type of trip? This would certainly be the schedule to do it. Have a chance to stalk a big fish on foot, and then hop in the boat to have the opportunity to catch numbers on the big water. Sound good? It’s been fun. Variety is nice.

The hotline is open for all things Soutlh Holston River. We know a good deal about the Watauga River too! Drop us a line here at the South Holston Fly Shop.


South Holston River 10.9.14


So we’ve been getting some high water opportunities in the afternoons after all on the South Holston River. For now, mid afternoon floats are trendy. Half and halfs as well? We can certainly think about those as the wade fishing has been excellent too.

We have been seeing sulphurs daily now on both high and low water. At least for a few hours. Sometimes more! They seem to be getting strong again. We dig those early fall bugs. Do you? Those Olives haven’t really taken off yet. We’ve had a few days where they have on low water, but those days have been few and far between.

Nymphing is all good with the olive nymph stuff. Midging has been good with flies on the darker side lately.

Morning sessions have been good too on low water, but there may be no need to be on dawn patrol. Sleep in if you want! Or don’t, your choice.

Open and fishing daily here at the South Holston Fly Shop. October rules. Come try it out this month with us.


South Holston River 10.6.14


Well…it was nice while it lasted. Our afternoons for high water fishing on the South Holston River may be limited as we inch ever so closer to winter pool. Not over, but might not be coming as frequently. Today the TVA will be giving us a wade friendly schedule. As for tomorrow through the rest of the week? It looks like a mid to late afternoon floats on high water will be the way to go. We’ll see what this rain does.

Not to worry though. The low water fishing has been every bit as good. The midge fishing in the mornings has been great. Olive nymphs have also produced a bunch of fish. Writers top secret bug? The Olivia. We got ‘em here at the shop.

Dry fly stuff? You bet. Sulphurs in the afternoons. No, the leaves are not the only thing that we see that are yellow and orange through the cooler months. Some call it the “World Series Hatch” since we will get bugs through October, November and even some as late as December and beyond. Some years seem better than others. But this fall we are off and running with strong bugs. The last few days there has been some really good hatches, and we don’t expect that to change much this week. Come check it out! Blue Wings will also be a rule on the rest of the river as we get cooler as well.

While we might be saying a temporary goodbye to high water, we expect the fishing to be as good as ever. We will just be doing a little more wading and low water floats is all. Still all good, man. We just go with the flow (pun intended). Give us a jingle at the South Holston Fly Shop.



South Holston River 10.2.14


The calendar may have changed, but the fishing sure hasn’t. The high water nymphing is still white hot on the South Holston River. Some dry fly fishing to be had from the boat as well if you’re in to picking and choosing certain pods of fish. Sulphur eaters mostly…for the few that have come off anyway.

Could this be the weekend we finally see those fall Blue Wings? Maybe. The forecast says cooler. Much cooler after some rain today. Midge fishing should still stay true as well. The low water fish are sure digging the midge right now.

Lots and lots of availability for the month of October. November too. It’s going to be an epic fall. Come join us here at the South Holston Fly Shop.


South Holston River 9.29.14


Rolling right along here on the South Holston River as we bring September to a close. It’s been a great one to be sure, but bring on October. The Blue Wings will begin to arrive in numbers any day now. Sulphurs during the low water periods will remain solid. Not everyday, but most days a few will come off.

Those who want to stick with the nymphing are the ones with the right kind of attitude. It’s been good. The midge fishing has also been outstanding. Almost any small olive nymph has done the trick. Some days fishing in the flat water has been the ticket. Other days they seem to like feeding in those sexy riffles better. Some days they eat well in both? That’s been the only strange part lately. Some days different kinds of water fish better than others.

High water? We are on cruise control. The nymphing seems be staying good. Daily. We don’t expect that to drastically change in either direction any time soon as long as the TVA continues to run water in the afternoons. It’s all good, man.

Call us and ask about our half and half trips. Yes, I will continue to beat that drum. They have definitely been the go to trip this past month. And maybe into the next? They’re fun. The wade fishing and high water fishing have been excellent. We’ll see you here during this grand month of October at the South Holston Fly Shop.



South Holston River 9.26.14


This river has lots of these fish. LOTS.

We just have to work a little  a lot harder for them is all.

These guys seem to be more susceptible in the fall. Much more really. And they will begin to regularly show themselves as we head deeper into the fall and early winter months.

Will you be thinking about making the trek this fall? Winter? We don’t know what an off season is here. It’s a 365 day river, the South Holston is. Watauga River too.

But why wait? It’s good now too. Unbelievable actually.




South Holston River 9.25.14


Tim Boeble staying bent yesterday right here on the mighty South Holston River. Many of our trips these days have had a lot of this. Wet nets too. As we head through the last week of September, we expect to finish strong in what has been a fantastic nymphing month.

Bugs? Not many on high water yesterday. The day before there was a fishable hatch, but it has been up and down and all around as far as the dry fly bite is concerned. Today may be a better day. Tomorrow?

The nymph fishing is fast and furious for the moment. There hasn’t been too many long periods of fishlessness. You won’t break records every single day, but it should remain steady as we turn the calender to October.

Come out and see us here at the South Holston Fly Shop. Low water in the mornings and high water in the afternoons has certainly made for a great schedule for everyone to fish in a variety of ways. It’s all good.



South Holston River 9.23.14


Mark Ezelle with a solid rainbow during our half and half trip on the South Holston River. The release schedule lately  is certainly conducive to a trip like this. Have we mentioned that half and half trips are fun? Very good actually since low water has been fishing about as well as high water. Are we breaking any records like we were? Not really. But it’s still been damn good.  No complaints at all on our end. Catch rates are still sky high with some nice fish being netted daily.

The low water catchers have been: Micro Mays, Rods Olive Nymph, Skinny PT’s and some soft hackles as well. Dig through our bins. We certainly got ‘em. Midges too. Don’t forget the itty bitty stuff.

The dry fly fishing? Some days good. Some days not as good. What about today? Tomorrow? The sulphurs have seemed to be doing whatever they want to lately. Better olive hatches are just around the corner too. Fingers crossed.

The fall fishing is heating up as we begin to cool down on the South Holston River. The Sulphurs are still here, the Olives will be coming soon. Will you?



South Holston River 9.22.14


The first official day of fall here in East Tennessee. It will certainly feel that way in the mornings this week. Thermos season is just around the corner. I like it. Summer-sh by the end of the week though…

Projected to be a high water kind of week on the South Holston River. The early birds may be able to stick a few on foot by staying ahead of the water, however. What’s this mean overall? The high water nymphing will remain solid. Consistent flows here typically mean consistent. And that consistency is usually good fishing.

Will there be sulphurs? Probably. A lot of them? I’d say a strong flurry at best.

When will those BWO’s start coming in numbers? Should be any day week now.  They are already on the blue wing stuff subsurface during low water flows. But they never seem to follow my game plan. However, when they do show up, it will be fun. Whenever that happens…

Spots open in the drift boat as we close out this month of September. It certainly has been a great one. Will October be better? usually is. Give us a shout here at the South Holston Fly Shop.


South Holston River 9.20.14


Kenneth Bowman…again! See? The half and half trips have been the ticket on the South Holston River. Especially with the flows we have been given lately. Wade part of the day, and then float high water the latter part of the day? We dig it. Variety is nice.

No generation until 1 pm today. There will plenty of folks out there taking advantage of that this weekend. Will you be one of them? Enjoy it.


South Holston River 9.19.14


Yep. Not much has changed here in the last 24 hours. High water has been good. Low water has been good. So all good man. Kenneth Bowman sure seemed to enjoy it.

Olives, midges and some sulphur stuff too are all working like a charm.

More of a high water day today. Low water kind of day tomorrow? Should be a fun weekend to wade depending on when they turn that water on.

Shop open daily. Trips running in and out daily. Come see us this weekend here at the South Holston Fly Shop.


South Holston River 9.18.14

005 Nymphing has been good to great here on the South Holston River. High water has dominated much of our afternoons, but the low water fishing hasn’t been ignored by us either. It’s been fun…for the most part. A lot of our trips have been of the “half and half” variety. Wade in the morning, and float the afternoons away. Dig it? We do. A pretty  buggy high water day yesterday as well. Mostly sulphurs. Surprise! The high water sulphur bite is still lingering. Want in?

Low water has been all about the olive nymphs. All reaches have been producing some Blue Wing’s of some sort. Some dry stuff, but most are nimping. Dry/dropper in the skinny or boring water has been the ticket.

High water this afternoon. Tomorrow too. As for the weekend? We’re looking like a mostly low water day. A great scenario for the weekend crowd.

Looking good here as we roll on through the month of September. Rocking sometimes too. But October is coming. Cool mornings and spectacular fishing is upon us. Honestly it is. Come see what all of the fuss is about with us here at the South Holston River Fly Shop.


South Holston River- Selfie Sunday Edition


That’s what the youngsters on Instagram call self taken pictures these days. Those kids…

We got a taste of early fall here on the South Holston River this weekend. Cool weather. That’s nice. Sulphurs in the afternoon during the low water. Most enjoyed them.

Another day of low water. All day. Enjoy it, or go watch some football. Either seems like a win today. More high water on the way this week. May not be all day releases, but there will be water.



South Holston River 9.12.14


Low water this morning on the South Holston River. “Hooray” say the waders. Today is definitely a day where one can stay in front of the water. At least until about 3 this afternoon or so. Even less water is projected for tomorrow and Sunday. So there will definitely be some boots running around this weekend. Rain jackets will probably be needed at times. All good.

Fall is coming. I think? But not today. The fishing sure is good though.

Will we be seeing you here this weekend? What about this fall? I heard the nymphing can be fun in September and October. Some dry fly fishing to be had too!




South Holston River 9.11.14

DSCN1437 (640x480)

Scott Radow caught this dandy this passed weekend on the South Holston River with the big dog Matt Champion assisting. Pretty sweet stuff, Scott. Awesome really.

But that was low water, where the fishing, especially in the mornings, has been awesome. As for the high water stuff we’ve been doing this week? Still good. Some say there even has been a dry fly bite the last couple of days. Nice. However, most of us have been sticking with the bobber and lots of weight method…some call it nymphing.

What’s they been bitin’ on the low water when we nave it? Lots of olive nymphs. Lots. Rod’s Olive Nymph, Split Cases, Scooter Midges, skinny PT’s, softies, Frenchies…anything olive and small-ish to be truthfully honest. But it’s definitely been a fun game to play if you play it right. Fish aren’t deep either. Which is definitely a nice reprieve from the high water weight we throw from the boats all too often.

Midges are also a safe bet.

Some sulphurs have been out and about in the afternoons. Fish still looking for them for sure. That should be the case through the fall. Don’t be surprised if we see a strong wave of larger hatches as we cool down both this month and the next. On both kinds of flows even. My fingers are certainly crossed.

Just a day or two longer of this most of the day high water stuff. We should be seeing some more wadeable water for your all day weekend fishing excursions…

We are certainly rocking and rolling here on the South Holston River. Call the shop, or stop in if you’d like to ask about our trips and availability. We can easily accommodate you this fall. We definitely think it’s worth it…but we may be a little biased. Just a little though.


South Holston River 9.8.14


Monday and all is well here on the South Holston River. It seems like we will be having a good bit of high water this week. Then back to low water by the weekend? We’ll see, but that has been the trend.

Nymphing on both high and low water is white hot right now. Most reaches are fishing well, so there may not be a need to confine yourself to the circus that is the upper end during your next visit. It’s all good man. Honest

Olive nymphs are trendy. Lots of midging fish as well. Definitely looking like a fall feeding pattern. I likes that. As we begin to  cool down, fishing will only heat up even more.

Dry Fly stuff? Not so much. Some sulphurs. Some BWO’s early on low water, but overall the subsurface game is the primary focus. That will get a little better as we head deeper into September as well. The high water dry fly bite MIGHT be over with though.

Yep, all is right with the world here in East Tennessee. Want in on some high water fishing these next few weeks? We can certainly help. Plenty of openings available as we march through September here at the South Holston Fly Shop. October is nice too. Come enjoy this late summer and early fall season with us on the South Holston River.



South Holston River 9.6.14


The South Holston River is fishing quite well…still. Definitely a slower pace around here though. Not as many folks. Will today be the day that all changes? Probably. Low water day today. Tomorrow too. Will you be here to take advantage of it? You should.

The olive nymph bite is definitely here. Or at least beginning. It’s been fantastic on low water for those who have been able to take advantage of the morning flows this week. They will become super stars of the show as we roll through September. A cool down expected by the end of next week. Back in the 70′s they’re saying. Bring on the fall.

Sulphurs? Some on the upper reaches. Some on high water. Some on low water. Fish definitely liking them a little more on low water when we have them come off. They will still be a factor as we move into the cooler months…usually.

Midges rule as well like usual.

Come enjoy it this weekend with us here at the South Holston Fly Shop. Trips available for the rest of the month. The boat may be the best place to be during the week. Wading will be the better option during the weekends. Shop open daily for all of those nick nacks we need for success on the South Holston River.





South Holston River Report: Surprise Edition


Surprise! The TVA will now be running water this afternoon and tomorrow. That’s OK though, this is a schedule that allows for both plenty of wade fishing, as well as an afternoon float. Hooray for the best of both worlds on the South Holston River!

Low water is midging and nymphing like crazy. Olives are coming. Whenever the temperature decides to start dropping, it will only get better.

High water has been nymphing well if you haven’t heard already.

It’s all good. Honest. September is a great month to be here.



Fishing is On Fire….

Here on then South Holston River in East Tennessee.

The guides clients have been hammering fish. 50, 60, 80 fish days by all of them, , lately.  Below, Scott Norris with a Nice Rainbow.

photo-3 (640x478)photo (640x478)And a Bunch of these Brown Trout Like this above.

TVA is giving All Day Wading at least the next three days on the South Holston,

Fishing should be very good.


South Holston River 9.1.14


They say all good things must come to an end. The high water trend seems to be, at the moment anyway, finished. Today looks like it will be the last afternoon of high water for, at the very least, the next couple of days on the South Holston River. The nymph bite has been off the charts good here, but this new schedule will make the wade fisherman very happy though as many are finishing off there Labor Day weekend here.

Low water, when we’ve had it, has been excellent though. Especially in the morning. The blue wings are becoming the new trend. We will be seeing more and more here as we cool down during this month of September.

Midges are cool as always here throughout the day.

Sulphurs? Will they be around during the mostly low water this week? The bigger question will be if the fish actually decide to eat the adults as the fish don’t seem too keen on eating them on high water most days. It’s been weird. But their at least should be bugs for the waders.

The South Holston Fly Shop is wide open today. Labor Day. Stop by for all you need for spending a day on the South Holston and Watauga River.



South Holston River 8.27.14


It’s hot. The nymph bite has been pretty good on the big water, but damn it’s hot. More hot on the way through the rest of this week. A little bit more high water as well here on the South Holston River. The mighty SoHO. Although the TVA may give the wade fisherman a bit more of a window to fish here in the coming days.

What have we been doing? A lot of high water nymping. It’s been solid for the most part. Some have been coming back raving about it, others have been thinking a little differently. It is what it is. It’s August. That’s what we’ll call it. Fishing in August.

Sulphurs? Some on high water. Not too many, and nothing the last few days get excited about as far as the dry fly bite has gone. Will they return to the high water arena? Doubt it at this point. But they should be around during low water times. When we have it of course…

Blue Wings. Some. The nymph bite is starting to turn on as well. Something to think about in the coming weeks.

Midges…you bet

We have also been doing a few wades in the morning recently. Many dig the half and half trips we do. Wade in the morning, float in the afternoon? They have gone quite well considering prior to last week, the nymphing on low water was tough. Awful actually. Not now though. They are beginning to eat olive nymphs and midges with gusto. That will only get even better as we flip the calendar pages to September.

High or low water, we can help here at the South Holston Fly Shop.


Night Trips on the South Holston River

The other guides call Colby, The Vampire…… He actually will not bite your neck but he will put you on the Big Brown Trout at night.

Colby fishes it at night , all the time. He really has that game figured out. If you want to get a true shot some at big fish, Colby is the man.

Just give us a call at the shop at 423-878-2822 and book it. As we get closer to November it only gets better at night.

image-3image-4 (640x480)

South Holston River 8.24.14: First Fish Edition


Matt with his first fish on a fly rod. EVER

Nicely done, Matt.

Race weekend is upon us this weekend. Lots of people joining us and flocking to the great resource we call the South Holston River. LOTS.

Should midge well this morning for those wade fisherman. It should be nice this afternoon in fiberglass as well.

Happy Sunday.



South Holston River 8.23.14


Low water this morning, high water in the afternoon. That is definitely a schedule that fits everyone’s agenda this weekend on the South Holston River.

What to do on low water this weekend? Fish midges. Unfortunately, the sulphurs are going to be an afternoon event. High water will be upon us by then. So the folks in boats will have the better chance to see yellow. The BWO bite is also beginning to turn on…slowly but surely.

High water fun? Absolutely. Nymphing has been pretty good. Maybe not as good here the last few days, but still solid. Let’s call it inconsistently good. But not bad by any means. It’s been fun, man.

Sulphurs? Yes and no. Some days we’ve had them good. Other days they have hardly shown up. Fish are beginning to get comfortable looking for them on high water when the bugs are around though.

The week ahead: More work from the drift boat will be done this week. The low water will only be happening through the early afternoons this weekend. Bummer for those in boots. BUT, the high water bobber fishing should remain good as long as the TVA keeps a consistent schedule.

A few days left in this muggy month of August. Spots open if you wish. I hear September is a great nymphing month here. At least that’s what I keep telling myself everyone.

Lines open here at the South Holston Fly Shop.


South Holston River 8.21.14


“Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years” said the great LL Cool J. The sulphurs certainly came back yesterday afternoon on high water on the South Holston River. With, dare I say it, fish looking for them! Nothing spectacular, but the bugs were steady enough to get some solid pods of fish feeding on the surface for a few hours.  It was nice to see that. Finally, a good bug day.

Nymphing? We dig it. We do it.  Most have followed suit as well. Your our eyes may be a little bloodshot from staring at the ole bobber all day long, but it’s been worth it. Run and gun nymping has definitely been a good time during the big flow.

Streamers? Some have been tossing ‘em. Some have been hammering them! Others? Not so much. That’s the nature of this river as a streamer fishery…

Looking like another few days of high water. The flows will be reduced somewhat by Saturday. May allow for the low water gang to have their fill. At least for a little while.

Spots available for the remainder of August. Spots available for September as well. Come hop in a boat with us. We have no problem with rowing you all down the river, telling bad jokes and even catching a few fish.




South Holston River 8.19.14


Yep, more high water here on the South Holston River. Looks like it will be that way through the rest of this week.

The positives? The bobber fishing during the big flows has been great. Especially during the afternoon. The downside? There hasn’t been many sulphurs. The dry fly fisherman have definitely been more pleased during the low water periods on the weekends. And we don’t see that trend changing in the near future either. The bugs are still here. But will we see the numbers of bugs on high water that we are used to seeing? The jury is still out.  Numbers of bugs tend to dwindle as we make the push into the fall anyway. But it’s been a weird season for sulphurs to be sure. More rumblings of blue wings  starting to pick up the slack. Especially early and late in the day. Fingers crossed.

September is coming. Slowly but surely. It’s a good nymphing month. The fish seem to be more frisky by then too. Will you be here to enjoy it? But for now we are still wearing flip flops and sun shirts as we wait for fall to move in.

Phone lines at the ready and the shop open daily for all things South Holston River related.


South Holston River 8.18.14


Tough sledding for some this weekend on the South Holston River. The nymph bite on high water gave many fits. My  trip included. However, it did make a complete 180 and fished much better as the afternoon progressed. It was a night and day transition. It happens. I blame August. This month can sometimes result in the toughest fishing. At least as far as consistency goes.

Sulphurs? Not many on high water at all. Will they ever return in numbers as we descend into the later part of the month? Some think so. Fisherman are perpetual optimists though. As for low water bugs? A bunch after the pulse yesterday, and then another good wave of them as the water came up around 4:30. Picky fish, but catch-able. Cripples and puff daddys. They likes them a lot. We do too.

More water for the drift boats this week. At least scheduled for the next few days. Today is an almost all day affair. Tomorrow shows a similar schedule. But, as always, when they decide to turn it on remains to be the question.

Plenty of good fishing to be had here despite this last weekend on the South Holston River. Honest. Trips heading out daily still. Or is September fishing more of your thing? Cooler weather, slightly lighter crowds and good fishing for that month as well. We can help.



Look what this young man JUST NOW caught…

My goodness what a nice Brown trout caught by 11 year old Mills Merriman. Mills and his father John have been fishing with Guide Matt Champion the last two days here on the South Holston River here in East Tennessee. Since TVA has started generating a good bit, big browns have been caught. Just go back and look over this weeks pictures with Matt.  Of course we release all fish.

Way to go Mills, that is quite a Trophy Trout.

Come join then action.

photo (6)