Reminder: Feb. 1 Closed Sections Reopened on SoHo

The sections closed for spawning Brown trout are reopened Feb. 1 on the South Holston River.

Very good chance to catch some nice Browns.

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Give us a call at 423-878-2822 , we have openings for Feb.1.

Looks like TVA is going to give good WADE Schedule this week. So waders, come on. Guys are into BWO Hatches.

Winter brownLow Pro 2

South Holston Still fishing good..

The South Holston River is still fishing good. Pretty soon the brown trout will leave the beds and it WILL be great fishing.

Also have 2 new Hyde Boats at the shop for sale:  Boat, trailer , oars , anchor system..completely ready to put on water.

Priced right..shoot me an email for price.

A new High Side and a New Low Pro.  423-878-2822

Matt spawn 4


Matt C Rainbow

Fishing Still On!

The guides are still catching some big fish on the South Holston River ..or should I say , their clients are:

Dave's Brown Pretty rainbowGive us a call at 423-878-2822 to take a float..

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Thank you,

Rod Champion


Huge Brown Trout from 12-15-2015

Check this huge Hen out caught yesterday while floating on the South Holston River.

We will be open for guiding all during the Holidays. The only day we will be closed and not guiding is Christmas day. So if you want a shot at a fish like this , give us a call at 423-878-2822.

Huge Stunkard Brown Trout


One day later

Told you the big boys would start showing themselves, here on the South Holston River…well , yesterday the guides client’s caught some…these are only a couple of them.

IMG_1202IMG_1196If you want a shot a some big brown trout, give us a call at 423-878-2822 .


Rod Champion

Big Fish Trips

Have a couple of guides that are spending a lot of time streamer fishing for big fish right now.

They are catching numbers of 20″+ browns right.  Some 25 ” fish and hooking some 30″ inch fish.

If you want to give this a whirl, they can put you in them.

Just buzz the shop at 423-878-2822 and lock it in.





The nymph fishing has been good on the South Holston River the last few days.  TVA is giving good wade schedules now and looks to the rest of the week. Always check to make sure. But the releases have been late afternoon for awhile now.  So it looks good for you wading guys.

There have been some hatches of BWO’s. And plenty of midge sipping. So the fishing is pretty good.

Come on, you will enjoy it.

RodCIMG_0059 (640x480)


TVA is giving good wading schedules on the South Holston River right now.  Generation has begun 2:00 or 3:00 pm as of late. That gives you til 7:00 wade fishing if you jump down stream ahead of the water.

Always check the schedule in a.m. to make sure it is the same as the night before….800-238-2264.

Excellent BWO nymph, sulphur dry and nymphs and midge pupae are the ticket.

We have openings if you want a guide trip. Give us a call at 423-878-2822.





TVA gave good wading schedules Monday and Tuesday here on the South Holston River. There were good hatches of Sulphurs both days.

Elsewhere on the river, midge pupae and BWO nymphs did the trick.  I fished a size 18 BWO nymph with an oversized bead ad caught fish well.

On generating water, there were Sulphurs. I fished it 3 days last week and the hatch lasted two hours each day. The sulphurs are smaller now, so be prepared that way. I am still a cripple fan, but Josh caught fish good on a CDC comparadun.

It was good to see BWO’s Tuesday. There was quite a large number of many different duns and nymphs floating on the water. It was littered with olive duns and cripples, olive nymphs, midges, and some sulphurs where I was.  It is the South Holston River where bug life is abundant.

Come join us.



Awesome Hatches last week on SoHo…8-31-2015

I had the privilege  of fishing 3 days last week here on the South Holston River.

The Sulphur Hatches each day were terrific. Plenty, plenty of bugs…

Fish were tough like they should be. But you work them, put a good bug on them with a good drift, you could catch them.

What I liked about it, was the Brown trout were lifting their heads to eat dries. That is what it is all about.

We had some of the most interesting clients last week. They were plain enjoyable to be around.

Everyone caught fish and seemed to enjoy themselves.

Give us a call if you want to give it a whirl- 423-878-2822.

photo 2 (640x427) (3)


Sulphurs have been coming off on low water as well as high water, here on the South Holston River.  And should continue to for a couple of month to come.

Low water fishing has been good for Beetles and midges on down the river. And always midges and black fly larvae up high, before the Sulphurs.

A couple of client pictures:

11846419_895385920522655_408369469_n (480x640)

Larry's grandson Rainbow


I got to fish on high water three days last week. We definetly have Sulphurs.  There were excellent hatches each day.

Some people caught fish good , some pretty good and some struggled. The right fly, and a good drift were absolutely necessary for dry fly fishing. It was good.

Here is a streamer fish a young man caught on a trip with Matthew Guinn this past Saturday. Shawn caught 23 fish on Saturday here on the South Holston River. This Brown was his best one…it is a dandy…

photo 1 (640x427) (3)



JHosh Brown 1The South Holston River has Sulphurs, by the thousands.  Here are a couple of very healthy brown trout caught by Pete Genteel on his guided trip with our guide Josh McFadden.  Josh has been a guide with us from the beginning. Not only is he a very good guide but he is an outstanding fly tyer.  If you want to test his skills, give us a call at 423-878-2822 and go with him.

This week  looks good for both wading a floating. TVA has turned the wheels on at 2:00 the last couple of afternoons .Which means good wading and then good Sulphur fishing on high water.  Always check the schedule but projections look good so far.

Guide trip wise this kind of schedule brings into play both the 1/2 day wade and 1/2 day float and the fun Prime time afternoon float for Sulphurs.  That is a 1/2 day Float.

Josh Brown 2


Yes sir, it is Yellow here on the South Holston River. And clients are loving it. As you can see , the dry flyfishing is superb.. I did not say easy.. but superb.

If you want to float and  dry fly fish, give us a call at 423-878-2822.

stunkard 2Josh dry


photo (5) (640x427)11748658_10204550141213091_1242921418_n (360x640)The South Holston River has tons of Sulphurs emerging at this point. It should continue til…usually Novemeber, everyday…

Who says you have to be experienced to enjoy the river. Natalie Kerns and her family prove that with their smiles. Thank you Natalie

11720718_10204550141253092_1668103454_n (360x640)


Dry Fly Fishing on the South Holston

The Sulphurs are on! Like big time on, here on the South Holston River
Give us a buzz if you want to float them and fish them…
Colby Trout
Check this Video out that Fly Shop Guide Josh McFadden took today of dry fly fishing
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Rod Champion


Sulphurs have been coming off on low water and generating water now. The hatch should get steadier and stronger, now that TVA is beginning running a lot of water.
If this week is an indicator, then all is well with the river.
We received another round of Hardy Zenith rods, which won all the Shootout out West. We will continue to offer them to you for $460. That is more than $200 of MSRP.
We are offering the Hardy Ultra Light DD Reels for $140 – $80 off MSRP. Both Hardy products are as good as they get.
Check these Sulphurs out:


We have openings for the week of July 4 if you want a lost minute trout trip.
Give us a call at 423-878-2822 to lock it in…Thanks you
Sulphurs are coming off on South Holston River. And as usual, midge pupae abound. And do not be afraid to use a baetis nymph.
The brown trout below measured out at 22 1/2″ and the rainbow trout is a pig.
These fish came from a guided float rip with Matthew Guinn.
Thank you to everyone that has been doing business with our shop and guide business.
photo 2 (2) (640x427)
photo (640x427)


Fishing on the South Holston River is starting to really pick up. Sulphurs are coming off and the fish are looking up! Big fish are feeding regularly and people are catching them. July is only going to get better! Book a float trip with the soho fly shop. The scenery is beautiful, the guides are friendly, and the fishing is good! Thanks- John
Shop # is 423-878-2822

John S. 2

John 5

John 3


Dry Fly Fishing on the South Holston River.
This is Josh’s personal best on a dry fly- the Brown is 22″.
We want to give a Big Thank you to TVA and TWRA for beginning generating earlier in the day to prevent any water temperature problems. This kind of schedule should keep the water plenty cold enough all summer long. Once again Thank you TVA and Jim Habera for protecting the finest trout river in the South east.

Josh' best

Saturday- June 20 , Jacob Adamerovich of Competetive Angler will be doing a Fly Tying Demonstration at 3:30 PM at the South Holston River Fly Shop. Jacob is an excellent tyer. This is an opportunity to see fly tying with some new materials and new methods. The demo is free.
Fish in the morning , see the demo and fish in the evening. Pretty sweet day.


Going to let Guide Colby speak here:
Had the pleasure of having 2 “hired guns” in the boat today, Charlie and Ronnie Monday fished with me, oddly enough this monday. They could flat out get it done, I was super pumped to catch this fish….then we were lucky enough to put the second one in the boat. Absolute banner day, solid 45 inches of trout in 2 fish. Thanks to the Mondays for an easy monday. The river is fishing great and most of us guides are fishing water that these bruisers are in, so if you want a chance at your own trophy, day or night call the shop at 423-878-2822. Thanks for the business.
Colby Trout
Colby 2
This Kid had a blast with Matthew Guinn yesterday..
photo 1 (2) (640x427)

Jacob Adamerovich of Competetive Anglers is giving a Free Fly Tying Demo Saturday, June 20 at 3:30 pm at the South Holston River Fly Shop. Jacob is an excellent fly tyer. He will be demonstrating some of the newer fly tying techniques and products. it should be educational and fun.
Come join the party.


Carol Feisler doing her thing last Friday on the South Holston River.
She and her husband Bill have forgotten more than the rest of us know.
Way to go Carol! I am sure this is a dry fly fish. Nice one isn’t it.
FullSizeRender (2) (640x480)