South Holston and Watuaga Rivers

Since it is pure wading on the South Holston River. The guides are going to the Watuaga River to float.
It is fishing pretty good.
TVA told me they will begin generation on the South Holston River June 1. That should kick the Sulphurs in good.
Until then. come and enjoy the good wading.
Maat C
Matt C2

South Holston and Sulphurs

Here is a big brown trout caught by Matthew Guinns client on the South Holston River yesterday.
And here is a stomach pumping showing mature Sulphur nymphs ready to pop out of case.
Matt g. dry brown
stomach pimp
Thnaks ,
Rod C

A few from South Holston River

This is just a few fish from South Holston River Fly Shop guide trips the last couple of days.
There are sulphurs but fish are chasing streamers pretty well also. Of course nymph fishing is good.
Give us a buzz at 423-878-2822 if you want to try it.
TVA continues to give good wade schedules for all day fishing.

Good Nymph Fishing on SoHo

This month has always been good nymph fishing here on the South Holston River. And this year is no different.
There are Sulphur hatches and spinner falls to be had if you know where to look.
Since TVA is giving good wading schedules[like all day] now is the time for you to come and fish.
We have all you need at the shop. Come on by.
Guinn brown

Watauga River Dry Fly Fishing is still good

And it will be for another month. After the caddis’ have finished, the Sulphurs will begin. Then it will be on to the South Holston River for the daily Sulphur hatch everyday till November.
Below are a couple of the dry fly brown trout landed by clients this weekend. Come join the action.
Give us a buzz at 4213-878-2822.

Dry fly brown

It is on!

Quote from Matt about yesterday’s guide trip” Man the Watauga was great today. Landed two in the 20″ range and a ton of 12-14″ Browns and rainbows. There were Caddis everywhere. If you would like to float the watauga give us a call.”

IMG_3137 (1)

It is Heating up..

Caddis’ Hatches are cranking up on the Watuaga River. And Sulphur Hatches are starting here on South Holston River.
You really don’t want to miss the caddis’ hatches on the Watuaga. Give us a call at 423-878-2822 to book your trip.
The below pictures are from yesterday , caught by Mike Severide, and old faithful.
Mike severide brown
mike 2

Best Wading Schedule in years here on South Holston

If you like to wade fish now is the time. TVA is giving great schedules for wading.
Always check the morning of to be sure…but it is projected excellent.
The guides tell me they are into Sulphurs some. And as usual this time of year, nymph fishing is on!.
Here is a low water rainbow caught by Scooter’s client the other day. The South Holston River is known for browns, but there are plenty of nice rainbow trout also.
Give us a call at 423-878-2822 for a guided trip

South Holston and Watuaga River

A brown from South Holston River and a chunky rainbow from the Watauga.

Josh Rainbow watuiagaMatt G. soho

We have some Sulphurs here on South Holston and the caddis’ are getting ready to bust off the Watuaga.

Give us a buzz at 423-878-2822 to float them.

Low water fishing is excellent here on the South Holston. TVA has been and looks like it will continue to not generate here. So wade fishing is all day.

As usual always check the schedule of tva the day of your fishing to make sure.

Have fun.


Good fishing on Watauga Now also…

Matt has been fishing the Watauga tailrace some lately. Good numbers of fish are being caught with some real nice fish.  The mammoth caddis hatch will begin very soon. You do not want to miss that event. For it truly is an event which brings the big fish up. It will begin within two weeks, usually. Our guides will be floating it daily.

Sulphur and Sulphur spinner  falls will soon follow that. Sometimes on the same day.

If you want to be a part of that, give us a call at 423-878-2822.

On the South Holston, it is Wade Fishing. There are some BWO hatches, but it is primarily a nymph game at the moment.  Sulphur nymphs will be moving around very soon. Then it is on.


Rod C


March 14

Here is a dandy caught on one of our guide trips recently, here on the South Holston River.

TVA has been giving schedules all over the place. So far this week , looks like good wade schedules.

But always check the morning before you go fishing.

There are some BWO’s. And low water wade fishing has been good.

Big Brown Stunkard


March 2- 2016

The South Holston River fished good this last weekend. TVA has been generating so the fishing has been from drift boats.

On guide trips, the boats were landing between 40 and 60 fish trout. With most fish being the wild brown trout.

There were BWO’s on the water Saturday with some fish sipping them.

Give us a call at 423-878-2822 if you wish to float this river with us.

We also have a new Hyde High Side Drift boat. It comes with a Hyde trailer, oars and anchor system- ready to put on the water and fish from it.

The price is $7,800.

Pretty BrownIMG_0651

pretty good fishing …

It has been pretty good fishing on both the Watuaga and South Holston Rivers.


Floating both rivers and doing a lot of wading on the SoHo.

BWOs and midges galore are the ticket.

Doing guide trips daily.

Come see us .

Rod C

South Holston River Fly Shop


South Holston – Good Wade Schedules

TVA has been giving good wade schedules this week. Today, the water will be cut on at 6:00 P.M..

Robert says the fishing has been great. BWO’s and soft hackles have been the trick for him.

Stop by the shop for him to show you what he has been catching them on here on the South Holston River.

Or give us a call at 423-878-2822 for a Guide Trip. Or, and the weather is very nice.



Matt C Brown

Reminder: Feb. 1 Closed Sections Reopened on SoHo

The sections closed for spawning Brown trout are reopened Feb. 1 on the South Holston River.

Very good chance to catch some nice Browns.

Have a new Hyde Low Pro and High Side Drift boat at the shop for sale- $7800

Give us a call at 423-878-2822 , we have openings for Feb.1.

Looks like TVA is going to give good WADE Schedule this week. So waders, come on. Guys are into BWO Hatches.

Winter brownLow Pro 2

South Holston Still fishing good..

The South Holston River is still fishing good. Pretty soon the brown trout will leave the beds and it WILL be great fishing.

Also have 2 new Hyde Boats at the shop for sale:  Boat, trailer , oars , anchor system..completely ready to put on water.

Priced right..shoot me an email for price.

A new High Side and a New Low Pro.  423-878-2822

Matt spawn 4


Matt C Rainbow

Fishing Still On!

The guides are still catching some big fish on the South Holston River ..or should I say , their clients are:

Dave's Brown Pretty rainbowGive us a call at 423-878-2822 to take a float..

We have one new in tube Hardy Zenith 9’5wt. – 4pc. that was hidden in the store room. It is for sale for $399- that is a $250 savings. Just call us on it.

Thank you,

Rod Champion


Huge Brown Trout from 12-15-2015

Check this huge Hen out caught yesterday while floating on the South Holston River.

We will be open for guiding all during the Holidays. The only day we will be closed and not guiding is Christmas day. So if you want a shot at a fish like this , give us a call at 423-878-2822.

Huge Stunkard Brown Trout


One day later

Told you the big boys would start showing themselves, here on the South Holston River…well , yesterday the guides client’s caught some…these are only a couple of them.

IMG_1202IMG_1196If you want a shot a some big brown trout, give us a call at 423-878-2822 .


Rod Champion

Big Fish Trips

Have a couple of guides that are spending a lot of time streamer fishing for big fish right now.

They are catching numbers of 20″+ browns right.  Some 25 ” fish and hooking some 30″ inch fish.

If you want to give this a whirl, they can put you in them.

Just buzz the shop at 423-878-2822 and lock it in.