South Holston River 9.1.14


They say all good things must come to an end. The high water trend seems to be, at the moment anyway, finished. Today looks like it will be the last afternoon of high water for, at the very least, the next couple of days on the South Holston River. The nymph bite has been off the charts good here, but this new schedule will make the wade fisherman very happy though as many are finishing off there Labor Day weekend here.

Low water, when we’ve had it, has been excellent though. Especially in the morning. The blue wings are becoming the new trend. We will be seeing more and more here as we cool down during this month of September.

Midges are cool as always here throughout the day.

Sulphurs? Will they be around during the mostly low water this week? The bigger question will be if the fish actually decide to eat the adults as the fish don’t seem too keen on eating them on high water most days. It’s been weird. But their at least should be bugs for the waders.

The South Holston Fly Shop is wide open today. Labor Day. Stop by for all you need for spending a day on the South Holston and Watauga River.



South Holston River 8.27.14


It’s hot. The nymph bite has been pretty good on the big water, but damn it’s hot. More hot on the way through the rest of this week. A little bit more high water as well here on the South Holston River. The mighty SoHO. Although the TVA may give the wade fisherman a bit more of a window to fish here in the coming days.

What have we been doing? A lot of high water nymping. It’s been solid for the most part. Some have been coming back raving about it, others have been thinking a little differently. It is what it is. It’s August. That’s what we’ll call it. Fishing in August.

Sulphurs? Some on high water. Not too many, and nothing the last few days get excited about as far as the dry fly bite has gone. Will they return to the high water arena? Doubt it at this point. But they should be around during low water times. When we have it of course…

Blue Wings. Some. The nymph bite is starting to turn on as well. Something to think about in the coming weeks.

Midges…you bet

We have also been doing a few wades in the morning recently. Many dig the half and half trips we do. Wade in the morning, float in the afternoon? They have gone quite well considering prior to last week, the nymphing on low water was tough. Awful actually. Not now though. They are beginning to eat olive nymphs and midges with gusto. That will only get even better as we flip the calendar pages to September.

High or low water, we can help here at the South Holston Fly Shop.


Night Trips on the South Holston River

The other guides call Colby, The Vampire…… He actually will not bite your neck but he will put you on the Big Brown Trout at night.

Colby fishes it at night , all the time. He really has that game figured out. If you want to get a true shot some at big fish, Colby is the man.

Just give us a call at the shop at 423-878-2822 and book it. As we get closer to November it only gets better at night.

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South Holston River 8.24.14: First Fish Edition


Matt with his first fish on a fly rod. EVER

Nicely done, Matt.

Race weekend is upon us this weekend. Lots of people joining us and flocking to the great resource we call the South Holston River. LOTS.

Should midge well this morning for those wade fisherman. It should be nice this afternoon in fiberglass as well.

Happy Sunday.



South Holston River 8.23.14


Low water this morning, high water in the afternoon. That is definitely a schedule that fits everyone’s agenda this weekend on the South Holston River.

What to do on low water this weekend? Fish midges. Unfortunately, the sulphurs are going to be an afternoon event. High water will be upon us by then. So the folks in boats will have the better chance to see yellow. The BWO bite is also beginning to turn on…slowly but surely.

High water fun? Absolutely. Nymphing has been pretty good. Maybe not as good here the last few days, but still solid. Let’s call it inconsistently good. But not bad by any means. It’s been fun, man.

Sulphurs? Yes and no. Some days we’ve had them good. Other days they have hardly shown up. Fish are beginning to get comfortable looking for them on high water when the bugs are around though.

The week ahead: More work from the drift boat will be done this week. The low water will only be happening through the early afternoons this weekend. Bummer for those in boots. BUT, the high water bobber fishing should remain good as long as the TVA keeps a consistent schedule.

A few days left in this muggy month of August. Spots open if you wish. I hear September is a great nymphing month here. At least that’s what I keep telling myself everyone.

Lines open here at the South Holston Fly Shop.


South Holston River 8.21.14


“Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years” said the great LL Cool J. The sulphurs certainly came back yesterday afternoon on high water on the South Holston River. With, dare I say it, fish looking for them! Nothing spectacular, but the bugs were steady enough to get some solid pods of fish feeding on the surface for a few hours.  It was nice to see that. Finally, a good bug day.

Nymphing? We dig it. We do it.  Most have followed suit as well. Your our eyes may be a little bloodshot from staring at the ole bobber all day long, but it’s been worth it. Run and gun nymping has definitely been a good time during the big flow.

Streamers? Some have been tossing ‘em. Some have been hammering them! Others? Not so much. That’s the nature of this river as a streamer fishery…

Looking like another few days of high water. The flows will be reduced somewhat by Saturday. May allow for the low water gang to have their fill. At least for a little while.

Spots available for the remainder of August. Spots available for September as well. Come hop in a boat with us. We have no problem with rowing you all down the river, telling bad jokes and even catching a few fish.




South Holston River 8.19.14


Yep, more high water here on the South Holston River. Looks like it will be that way through the rest of this week.

The positives? The bobber fishing during the big flows has been great. Especially during the afternoon. The downside? There hasn’t been many sulphurs. The dry fly fisherman have definitely been more pleased during the low water periods on the weekends. And we don’t see that trend changing in the near future either. The bugs are still here. But will we see the numbers of bugs on high water that we are used to seeing? The jury is still out.  Numbers of bugs tend to dwindle as we make the push into the fall anyway. But it’s been a weird season for sulphurs to be sure. More rumblings of blue wings  starting to pick up the slack. Especially early and late in the day. Fingers crossed.

September is coming. Slowly but surely. It’s a good nymphing month. The fish seem to be more frisky by then too. Will you be here to enjoy it? But for now we are still wearing flip flops and sun shirts as we wait for fall to move in.

Phone lines at the ready and the shop open daily for all things South Holston River related.


South Holston River 8.18.14


Tough sledding for some this weekend on the South Holston River. The nymph bite on high water gave many fits. My  trip included. However, it did make a complete 180 and fished much better as the afternoon progressed. It was a night and day transition. It happens. I blame August. This month can sometimes result in the toughest fishing. At least as far as consistency goes.

Sulphurs? Not many on high water at all. Will they ever return in numbers as we descend into the later part of the month? Some think so. Fisherman are perpetual optimists though. As for low water bugs? A bunch after the pulse yesterday, and then another good wave of them as the water came up around 4:30. Picky fish, but catch-able. Cripples and puff daddys. They likes them a lot. We do too.

More water for the drift boats this week. At least scheduled for the next few days. Today is an almost all day affair. Tomorrow shows a similar schedule. But, as always, when they decide to turn it on remains to be the question.

Plenty of good fishing to be had here despite this last weekend on the South Holston River. Honest. Trips heading out daily still. Or is September fishing more of your thing? Cooler weather, slightly lighter crowds and good fishing for that month as well. We can help.



Look what this young man JUST NOW caught…

My goodness what a nice Brown trout caught by 11 year old Mills Merriman. Mills and his father John have been fishing with Guide Matt Champion the last two days here on the South Holston River here in East Tennessee. Since TVA has started generating a good bit, big browns have been caught. Just go back and look over this weeks pictures with Matt.  Of course we release all fish.

Way to go Mills, that is quite a Trophy Trout.

Come join then action.

photo (6)




South Holston River 8.14.14: Kids Rule Edition


After all, they are the future of the sport, right? High water nymphing on the South Holston River. We sure have liked it lately. Grant and Sam seemed to dig it too.

We will be having a pretty good schedule for the boat stuff the next few days. The TVA is predicted to back off a little bit on Saturday and Sunday, but they will still be running water for at least 6 hours. It’s just a matter of when they’ll turn it on.

Some pretty good windows of dry fly activity on high water here that last few days as well. Sulphurs have been solid. Some olives in the mix at times as well. It’s only a matter of time before the blue wing bite is stellar again. I can’t wait if you ask me. Bring ‘em on. Change is good, man!

Trips out the door daily here at the South Holston Fly Shop. Will you be one of them in the coming weeks? Days available for the rest of August. September is looking good too. Join us here on the east coasts premier resource, the South Holston River.



South Holston River 8.13.14

photo (5) (640x478)

George Daniel is here this week! Matt had him in his boat yesterday and put this hoss in the boat. George may be known for his nymping techniques and teachings, but he is also a streamer magician. George likes the South Holston River. And so do we…

The wade fisherman have been given a treat today as the TVA won’t be turning the water on until noon. Sweet for those waders. The boats will have the afternoon fun though. Sulphurs with a smattering a BWO’s. I can digs that. Nymph fishing should not be too horrible either.

Midges in the morning, some with some olive and sulphur activity too! What do you think? Spots available for the rest of this month of August. I also hear September is nice…less crowds during the week.



South Holston River 8.12.14

photo (4)

More high water this week on the South Holston River. More great nymph fishing too! For example , Micheal Flannigan caught this gorgeous Brown Trout on a nymph yesterday. He was fishing with guide Matt Champion.  Most of us are coming back raving about the fishing this past week. We expect this to continue. The nymph bite is back!

As for those dry fly peoples? Some bugs, but some very big pods of rising fish observed yesterday. They still seemed pretty concentrated though. Not spread out throughout the upper reaches of the float. Some of the softer seams had more rising fish than others. That’s weird, man…

TVA still looking as if they will be running water for some time to come. Cool for those who want the boat. Still not bad for those who want to wade, at least today they won’t be turning ‘em on until 10. That’s great for a morning session in my book. Even if it might be a little wet.

Lines open daily for trip bookings, free info and stuff galore at the South Holston Fly Shop.


South Holston River 8.10.14: Wet-ish Sunday edition


A few waders out enjoying the low water while they can this Sunday. The day of rest. No wheels turning really until 2 with the exception of a pulse on the South Holston River. A schedule that can easily accommodate all day wading. “Hooray” says the the folks in boots. Midge fishing is the word. A few blue wings around as well. Could be an early start this year for them? I kind of hope so, I like that little green bug too.

The TVA will be running the water this week. The real question is how much and when they will be turning them on daily. We will all know have a sense here this evening.

Will there be bugs? There certainly should be in the afternoons. They have laid down slightly here the past few days, but the fish seem to really be digging the ones that are coming off now. Some say they have not seen the amount of fish rising so far this summer on high water as they did yesterday. Even with less bugs. Cool with us. We like that trend. Hopefully that continues through the week.

The nymphing? Really damn good. The heavy nymph and midge rigs are getting it done at an alarming rate at the moment. We like that trend too since the subsurface stuff on low water lately has been dreadful at times. Call us, we’ll show you.

Shop open daily. Trips running daily. But we have plenty of spots open daily and the rest of the month too! It’s August and all is well here on the South Holston River. The Watauga River too, we won’t forget her either…



South Holston River 8.9.14


Some were out taking advantage of the low water this morning. Most of them will have been midging on the South Holston River. Some rumblings of blue wing activity early in the mornings. I have not experienced that quite yet. But if those rumors are true, that’s exciting. No sulphurs until the afternoon, and by then the water will be up.

High water has been nymping great. It took a bit of a dive yesterday, but not much of one. The bugs are getting better too. And the fish are starting to get comfortable again. That’s beautiful stuff in my book.

Word is the TVA will be running a good bit of water here the rest of the month. Maybe beyond? Boone Dam is getting some work done this fall, so water needs to be managed for that. We’ll see how much they continue to run weekly.

Plenty of spots available for the rest of August. The last vacation month for most. September is looking busier, but still plenty of spots for all who want them.  Float trips seem to be the best option at the moment, but we may be able to wade some too. The Watauga River can be a good option for that in the morning. Let us know. We do ‘em all here at the South Holston Fly Shop.





South Holston River 8.7.14


High water nymphing has certainly been better than expected this week so far on the South Holston River. The fish seem to be adjusting nicely to these flows. Which is sweet, because we have certainly missed this high water stuff. It’s nice because the nymping on low water has not been ideal. But the guys have been hammering them with nymphs on high water.  Now only if those fish will start responding to the high water sulphurs in the afternoon. There have been a few pods of rising fish, but only a few. That will should change, hopefully, over the coming days when they start to settle in to all this new big water stuff. Remember, these fish haven’t really dealt with too much water since March…they don’t like sudden change.

What we expect in the near future? The nymph bite, at the very least, should start getting really good here soon. Especially if the TVA continues with this schedule. The bugs should be happy too. But if you don’t mind the bobber, it should be a lot of fun.

What we don’t know: If the TVA will continue this schedule. It certainly seems like this has all the makings of an early draw down for the lake. But I’m probably wrong about that part. They are also predicting some running water through the weekend. But the wade fisherman should still have at least a few hours to fish.

What else is cool? High water on the Watauga River in the afternoon. We’ve been having a ball nymphing. Some blue wings flying around too for those who might be interested in pitching the small bug at some rising fish. Ask about it. We’ll do it.

Fun times are beginning to take shape again for us here on these wonderful resources. August sometimes can be a tough month, but for the moment, this release schedule might be changing things for the better. Come find out with us here at the South Holston River Fly Shop. Open daily.



South Holston River 8.4.14

005 (34)

High water today on the South Holston River. Hooray! The TVA has it projected this way for the next few days. Will that stick? It didn’t last week as they decided to back off quite a bit from what they originally had planned. We’ll see at the end of the day what happens. Bugs should be OK this afternoon, and the nymping might be good as well. Should be an interesting day to say the least.

The low water fishing was tough for most this weekend. It’s August. The fishing can get hard. And if low water continues, it won’t be easy. Especially the dry fly fishing. Those fish have been beaten on all summer…they know what they want and how they want it. Perfect. Cripples are still the big winner though. Some sparkle duns are catching fish too.

The most consistent way to catch fish, if you want to call it that, is the midge fishing. The smaller the better. It is what it is.

Want to try something that has been a lot of fun? High water over on the Watauga River. The nymph fishing has been outstanding. Some Blue Wing Olives coming off as well.  And they will be continuing their recreational release schedule from 1-6 pm for the rest of the month. Perfect for a half day float. Why not?

Open daily here at the South Holston River Fly Shop. Flies, trip bookings, info and more.


South Holston River 8.2.14

012 (18)

Yes, the sulphurs are still here on the South Holston River. They will be here the rest of the month of August. And even beyond? Usually they will be here right through fall and even into December some years. Will we be as lucky this year?

Some more low water this weekend. Good for the wader. Good for the low water sulphurs. Bring that perfect cast you’ve been practicing as the fish have been getting tougher and tougher with each bad cast or drift you put over them. Remember, perfect practice makes perfect.

Shop open this weekend for all of those questions about how to get that picky brown to eat. Maybe even that rainbow too. Trip bookings and all sorts of stuff available as well.


South Holston River 7.30.14


The sulphurs on low water have truly been good here on the South Holston River. Daily. Length of the hatch has been a little up and down, however. Some days only an hour. Other days have lasted a little bit longer.

The finickiness of the fish has been the real factor here lately. Some days they seem to be more particular than others. But overall, the “everything needs to be right” concept applies. Long leaders, light tippets, good casts and even better drifts apply.

Some ways to catch ‘em for the rest of this week: Midge in the morning, throw a beetle or two as well. OR find your favorite run, wait for bugs in the afternoon and throw cripples at them…they like a good sulphur cripple pattern lately.  Some nymphs are working as well.

Shop is open daily for all of your needs for both of these fantastic resources.  Trip bookings and more available right here at the South Holston River Fly Shop.


South Holston River 7.28.14



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShort and sweet post today from East Tennessee.

We had great bugs over the weekend on low water on the South Holston River. The problem? Picky fish. What do some call this? Dry fly fishing in late July. I know I do anyway. The fish can get pretty locked in on what they want, and maybe more importantly, how they want it.  Practice your reach cast before you head here next time…it works.

We are having high water today.  As for the rest of the week? Hard to say with no rain in the forecast until the weekend. Might be a good week to float? May not be. We have had great low water sulphurs this summer, will this be the week that carries over to great high water bugs? We hope so, if we have high water at all the rest of the week that is.  The nymph bite should be pretty good as well if they keep a steady schedule.

The Watauga River is also keeping people happy. Especially the high water nymph bite when they run in the afternoon. Could be worth the half day float? It’s fun. Above is Brown Trout caught on Watauga float with Matthew Guinn . Sonja Ballard looks very happy with her catch.

Come find out with us here at the South Holston Fly Shop. The epicenter of all things South Holston and Watauga River. The hotline is wide open for all things trip, general info or fly oriented questions.



Sluice was Great for Sulphur Fishing…

The 200cfs sluice brought sulphurs which brought fish up, which made fisherman smile……

The dry fly fishing was excellent ….. the terrestrial fishing was excellent .. and the midge pupae fishing was even better…Lots of the below size of fish. And many bigger yesterday. Will post them as soon as I get (1)

TVA is  still  giving all day wading…they are generating 2-3 hours in the afternoon, late. Would be a good time to nymph fish or throw streamers.

photo (2)


South Holston River 7.21.14


Lots of out-of-towners on the river this weekend. Easy to tell because the river is pretty void of folks today. Or maybe because it’s Monday? The week is definitely nice if one wants to avoid the crowds here as we head into the home stretch of July on the South Holston River.

For those that made the pilgrimage this weekend, they probably weren’t disappointed. The sulphurs were great. Thursday through Sunday had excellent afternoon bugs. The Lords of the dry fly were certainly happy…for the most part. Bugs will should continue to be solid through the week. We’ve made it through that mid summer funk…I think.

The bugs have gotten a bit smaller too. A little strange for July, but not unheard of. A lot of 18′s and a few 20′s flying around. Plenty of 16′s in the mix still too. Are you still using that 16 fly with minimal success? Down size. A general rule is to error on the side of small here. At least that’s my professionally unprofessional opinion.

People are starting to get on that mid summer midge game. It can be fun. Honest.

It’s tough to tell how the flow schedule is going to play out this week. Today, no water until 5 with the exception of a pulse at 11 am. No full generation of any kind is projected for tomorrow, and then 4 hours of run time is being projected for Wednesday. We’ll take it day to day.

Come swing by the shop or give us a shout via telephone technology. We can help you with flies, fly tying stuff, trip bookings, flows and all of the free information you can stand about anything Watauga and South Holston River.

UPDATE: The powers that be at the TVA say they will be sluicing minimum flow for Tuesday and Wednesday. Should mean great bugs for the low water angler. Minimum Flow is 200 CFS, which is easy wading.




South Holston River 7.18.14


The knob turners up at the dam had the predicted outflows all over the map the last few days here on the South Holston River. But still, a very good wade schedule was made possible. Good for those who wanted to get sulphurs on foot.

The sulphurs have been solid. Especially on low water. They have been OK during high water. We won’t say great. Still getting fish up for them, but without a consistent release schedule, they haven’t seemed to really get into a rhythm.  Hatches during the low water periods have lasted up to 5 hours with steady bugs. And other days have only lasted less than an hour. So it goes. I’m no entomologist, but they seem to come off whenever they want. Some days early, some days late. I think they enjoy sleeping in though.

The midge fishing? If we can convince ourselves  to stay away from a sulphur pattern of any kind,  midging has been the way to go. Especially if fish are getting picky. And they sure have been picky at times lately.

Rain on the docket for the next few days. Hooray! We need it, the lake tribs need it and the trout need it. We welcome the wet stuff.

Stop by or call us here at the South Holston Fly Shop for the up to the second FREE information center for all things South Holston River. Watauga River too. Trips, flies and other stuff. We’re here to help.


Big Fish.. little bugs..

Matt’s trip Saturday was good on the South Holston River..  This is the biggest Brown Trout landed. Matt said a couple of inches bigger one pulled off at the boat. A whale broke off. And another big one took them to school.

Guess what this hen ate… a #22 midge… all of them ate the midge… honest John.


Joe said their were bugs for about 4 hours Sunday afternoon but the fish were picky, picky.

TVA is running 4 hours today.. so easily could wade all day. All week should be perfect 1/2 day wade and 1/2 day float with sulphurs on high water.

The weather is going to be 70′s and LOW 80′s .. so it should be beautiful.

We have openings this week if you want a shot at this kind of fish. Give us a call at 423-878-2822.

securedownload (24)

South Holston River: The good, bad, and the ugly. 7.13.14


It’s hot here on the South Holston River. The Watauga too. The weather that is. Many coming back with tails of struggles. Some coming back with tails of success. As for others?

The good: The midge fishing. Really good midge fishing to be had here in the month of July. When the fish aren’t on Sulphurs, those who midge longer, catch more fish longer…most times. The beetle bite is also fantastic for those who dig waking up early and skipping breakfast. The Watauga River is also nymphing well. It can be fun.

The bad: The bugs. This weekend did not prove to have great Sulphurs. It was a low water weekend, which might have something to do with it. There have been some, but not too many as far as mass numbers go. Could today be the day it all turns back around? What about tomorrow with a little bit of high water predicted? They’ll bounce back.

The ugly: The crowds. July tends to be one of the busiest months here on the South Holston River. Especially weekends. So if you’re not a fan of fishing near others. This may not be the environment for you. Tell the boss Tuesday is the new Saturday, and you’ll have a little bit more breathing room.

The button pushers up at the dam are predicting a few solid hours of high water in the afternoons this coming week. Might be perfect for that half day high water bug fix? Let us know if you’re interested. We have spots available for the rest of the month.

Need info about this stuff? Call or stop by the shop daily for the latest on trip stuff, bug stuff, fly stuff and TVA release stuff. We got you covered here at the South Holston Fly Shop.



South Holston River Report 7.8.14


photo (1)Wade in the morning and float in the afternoon for Sulphurs? Or simply just float in the afternoon for Sulphurs? That’s what we’ll have as far as the release schedule is concerned here on the South Holston River. High water in the afternoons, it’s a beautiful thing if you dig the dry fly game  on the Southeasts favorite tailwater.

Low water anglers have had their share of bugs as well. Just some days are better than others, which is typical of July. Overall, however, it’s been a damn good dry fly month thus far. The afternoons bring the good hatches here. So if you’re wanting to fish Sulphurs for a few hours, go ahead and sleep in.

The midge fishing is also as consistent as it gets right now. It can be REALLY good before the big show gets moving. Try it, you may like it.

Come see us here at the South Holston Fly Shop. Or give us a jingle about trips, cool logo shirts, flies galore, Frogs Fanny, Dry Magic and anything else those dry fly fanatics need for a day on the mighty South Holston River.

We have some openings Wednesday and Thursday if you interested in a Guided Trip. Either Float or Wade or the much enjoyed 1/2 day wade and 1/2 day float trip. Give us a call at 423-878-2822 to book you a trip.




South Holston River 7.7.14


It’s summer time and the fishing’s easy…occasionally. On any given day we can have good bugs here on the South Holston River. But it is July, and some days the bugs can come in mass numbers, while other days they may hardly come off at all. At least if we’re talking about low water.

High water? We didn’t have any Saturday or Sunday. But Thursday and Friday sure ruled. Pretty good bugs both days.

As for the coming week? The TVA will be back on the 3 to 4 hour generation schedule for the next few days. The question that remains is when they will be running it. Today the wheels won’t be run until 5. Tomorrow? Wednesday? We will find out here by the end of the day.

Dry Fly fishing? Pretty good for most. Some days they are coming off stronger than others. Low riding Sulphur emergers seem to really be having the upper hand amongst the fish catching bugs. On the opposite end of the spectrum, heavily dusted dries are also sticking a bunch.

Dry-dropper crowd: may be the most efficient and most popular way to catch fish at the moment. Small sulphur nymphs, PT’s and soft hackles… where have we heard that before?

Midge fishing has been fantastic in the mornings. Evenings too.

Beetle fishing? It’s July and it can be awesome.

Come on in to see us here at the South Holston River Fly Shop for all your needs for a day on the South Holston and Watauga Rivers. Operators are standing by for trip bookings. Float or wade, we got you all covered. Free info too…


South Holston River 7.4.14


The South Holston River. It rocks. And rolls sometimes too. Mark Taylor with this dandy of a high water dry fly fish. We have had great bugs the last few days on both high and low water on the mother SoHo. The Watauga River has also been pretty good…mostly.

What to expect this weekend? A bunch of people I’d say. But probably worth it…there will be Sulphurs. But prepare to have a good bit of company as July in general tends to be a busy month.

Today will be the last day of high water for the next couple of days as the TVA plans to cut back their generation for the weekend. So back to an all day wade schedule tomorrow and Sunday. Great news if you’re here for this 4th of July weekend.

July is also a dry fly month. The entire upper end is lit up with yellow bugs. The Sulphurs.  The good stuff. If you want solitude? head down river some. No bugs there, but that’s not always a bad thing…just fishes differently this time of year.

Midges are the general rule in the morning.

Did I mention Sulphurs in the afternoon?

Americas birthday is today. How will you celebrate it? Hopefully with us here on the South Holston River





South Holston River 7.1.14


We will be having SOME high water this week on the South Holston River. Might be perfect for that half day float? The jury is still out on what the schedule will be looking like the rest of the week, but they will be running for a few hours starting around 3 pm today. Perfect for a few hours of sulphur goodness from the boat. What will it be like tomorrow? We will find out here this evening. Hopefully similar.

Low water Fishing? Sulphurs certainly made their presence known here over the weekend. Some pretty impresive hatches over the last few afternoons. It was getting them to eat anything consistently that proved to be the most difficult. As for Sunday and Monday? A little easier. The fish seem to be keying in on emergers more so than adults throughout these hatches lately. Also, with the water being so low and clear…dare I say it…7X is beginning to be employed more.

Dry Fly Gang: Your “A game” is a must. Maybe even more so than usual recently. Puffs and cripples are winners with the standard comparadun being a distant third. Fly first, and the bugs have been a bit larger…which is nice for blind folks like myself.

Nymphing: If you’re into it. Split cases, PT’s, softies…

Midges: Maybe even more so. Especially before the sulphurs really get moving.

July is hot. The fishing can be that way as well. Particularly if your are fan of the yellow bug. Float or wade, we have you covered here at the shop.