South Holston River 12/3/10


Bill Bolinger and I fished on Friday Dec. 3 we were going to fish on Saturday, but the weather looked bad so we decided to fish on Friday. I think that we made the right decision on, because Saturday was terrible weather. Bill came to try, and catch a big fish so we hit the water Friday morning with one plan in mind to try an hook up on a big fish. Well it didnt take us long to find a few big pre-spawn Browns. We got Bill set up an started fishing. We caught a few small fish right away. Then Bill hooked up one of the big Browns. After a good fight we got the fish to the net. After a quick couple of picture and measurement we released the Big 27″ Brown. We managed to caught a couple of more fish from that section then we decided to go eat lunch. After lunch we headed down river to catch the water falling. We got to our next spot and there were bugs coming of both Sulphurs and BWO’s. There were fish rising everywhere. We caught a few fish in there including on nice 15″ Brown, but that was not what we were looking for. So we moved spots again. We found us a section to fish, and right off the bat Bill was into fish. We caught several nice fish including one 17″ Brown. Then I spotted a nice shadow laying in some running water. Bill fished to were I had seen the fish. Then we hooked up on the fish at first Bill didnt think it was a big fish, but then we got a look at it. It was a beautifully colored 24″ male Brown. In the water fish flashed so much red that it almost looked like a Rainbow. We didnt see anymore big fish in that section so right before we ended we tryed another spot. We fished for a little while then spotted one nice 20″ fish we fished to it, and caught it. That was a great way to end the day. I had a great time with Bill, and we had a great day on the water.

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Tight Lines,
Matt Champion
South Holston Fly Shop