We are a father and son team, Rod and Matt Champion. Both of us have fly fished for trout and smallmouth bass all of our lives. We decided to take a leap of faith and do what our passion is: be in the fly-fishing business. This came out of the desires of our heart and with your help we can live out our dreams. At the same time, we will provide you with tremendous buys on top-of-the-line merchandise, or as my wife says “Toys.”

We are experienced on Tennessee tail waters, especially the Watauga and South Holston Rivers. Having lived in the mountains of NC for years, we know the Wild Trout streams of North Carolina well. Wild trout trips in the beautiful mountains of Western NC are also available. Of course, we offer the “catch-a-lot of fish”, fun trips during the Fall, Winter and Spring on the Delayed Harvest Streams of North Carolina: the Tuckaseegee, Green and East Fork of the French Broad Rivers, these are just a few rivers that we guide and know well. A hundred fish a day are possible on these streams! The smallmouth bass guided trips are a blast with a fly rod! We will offer trips on the Toe River, French Broad and Broad Rivers in NC. If you haven’t used a popping bug on smallmouth bass, you have missed a treat.

South Holston River Fly Shop®
608 Emmett Rd.
Bristol, Tennessee 37620

The SOUTH HOLSTON RIVER FLY SHOP® is located .3 of a mile below the Weir Dam on the South Holston River near Bristol, Tennessee.

Our actual physical address for map quest is: 608 Emmett Road, Bristol, Tennessee, 37620. We are the ONLY shop on the South Holston River. It is 18 miles of trout river , here in East Tennessee.

We specialize in the East Tennessee Tailraces of the South Holston and Watauga Rivers.

We are on the river daily and know exactly what the current conditions are. Because we are there. Even our coffee breaks are taken riverside. So before your next trip to the river, call us, and we will tell you ahead of time what the trout are eating.. Here at the South Holston River Fly Shop®, we have a large selection of tailrace flies which cover every stage of insect life IN or ON the river. We specialize in tailrace flies.

The South Holston River is one of Tennessee Valley Authority’s Dam controlled rivers. The Dam is a Hydroelectric plant, producing electricity for surrounding areas. The river itself comes out of the bottom of a deep mountain lake. This keeps the water at a constant temperatures 12 months a year. That means cold water, and good trout fishing year round.

The South Holston river is famous for it’s Sulphur Hatches These hatches occur form April thru early November, daily. And because of our years of experience, we know where on the river they occur during different months. The summer is especially good for Sulfur hatches while TVA releases water from the dam. From June thru September, a Sulphur Hatch WILL occur .

The winter is Blue Wing Olive and Black Fly time on the South Holston. During the Middle of winter, big BWO hatches will occur. The Black Fly Hatch IS a given. It WILL happen. Some of the biggest brown trout, eat the smallest flies experienced. 20″ Wild Rainbow and Wild Brown trout are a common occurrence to the fly fisherman.

If streamers are your game, the South Holston River is home to BIG Brown trout. A 20 Lb. Brown trout was caught earlier in the year. 8 to 10 lb. Brown’s are caught on a fairly regular basis.

The river is home to 5,000-6,000 trout per mile. All Brown Trout are wild fish, and the South Holston is full of them.

The Watauga River near Elizabethton, TN is another one of the TVA tailraces in East Tennessee, and just 15 miles from our shop. The Watauga is a beautiful river full of Browns, Rainbow and Brook Trout. You have a great chance of catching a Grand Slam on the Watauga River. The Watauga has Awesome Caddis hatches during the Spring time, and Great Blue Winged Olive hatches during the Fall, Winter and Spring. After the Caddis hatches are done the Sulphurs start, and the fishing is great. The Watauga River is home to 4,000 to 5,000 fish pure mile.

From Tailrace Flies to a Guide Trip on the S. Holston or Watauga Rivers, South Holston Fly Shop is here to service you.


  1. I’m gonna be there visiting family for Christmas this year. I am wondering what parts of the river are closed for spawning during December? I plan on wade fishing, where is the best place to do that and have a good chance at netting a big fish? One more thing, what generally works well in terms of fishing strategy in the month of December?

  2. from a couple hundred yards above web bridge down to the bottom of the island below Weaver Pike[44] Bridge
    The other from Hickory Bridge up to above Rivers Way. It goes to above the curve in the river above Riversway.
    Below the cul de sac.

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