Good wade schedules on South Holston River

And the Watauga is heating up.
Larry and his son had a blast Saturday.
If you want to go , give us a call at 423-878-2822
or stop by the shop for details.
Thank you.

TVA giving good wade schedules on South Holston

This is a good time for wading at the South Holston River. TVA has been giving all day wading and is projecting the same for the next two days.
So come on and enjoy the warm weather and the fishing.
The trophy section of the Watauga is warming up and should get hot soon.
Give us a call if you wish to float there or fish the South Holston River.
And by all means , please stop at the shop and load up with supplies. We have what you need.
Thank you for your time.
Rod Champion
South Holston River Fly Shop

Good fishing on both rivers this past weekend….

A good day on the South Holston and Watauga with Glenn and Tim. The fishing was good with some nice fish coming to the net. The weather feels like spring.
A special reminder…2 CLOSED SECTIONS are REOPENED on the South Holston River on FEBRUARY 1. These sections have not been fished since November 31.
Come fish with us..

Chris and Grace Young

Had some good fishing the last couple of days. Was a little cold and windy but it did not stop this hardy bunch from fishing with guide Matt Champion of South Holston River Fly Shop.

Fishing is good and have a few waders on Sale

Below are a couple of pictures of Larry and Nancy Rollins on a trip with Matt Champion. They did well.
Have some new in box Simms Waders left over. Good buy for you:
Simms G3 Stocking Foot: Large 12-13 foot[1 pair] 2XL[3 pair] $325
Simms freestone Zipper Stocking Foot- $275
Freestone Wading Pant 2XL- $175
On web page or call shop at 423-878-2822


Good Fishing…

The only thing better than a picture of a lovely young lady is a lovely young lady holding a trout.
The fishing on the South Holston River has been very good due to excellent releases schedules by TVA.
Catch the falling water and you will catch the trout. It is shaping up to be a good wade season the on the South Holston River.
If you wish to fish either the Watauga or South Holston River, please give us a call at 423-878-2822.
Or stop by the shop at 608 Emmett Rd., Bristol, Tn. 37620.
Thank you.


Fishing during the sluice was awesome…

TVA ran a sluice for 5 days on the South Holston River. The dry fly fishing was nothing short of fantastic…SULPHURS
The sluice is over but the fish are still there.
TVA is running good wade schedules now. It should be generation during peak time only..early and late. Always check the website or call 800-238-2264…and check it out. But it looks good for wade fishing all day. But Always check with TVA the morning of your fishing.
Please give us a call for a trip at 423-878-2822.
Thank you.


Smiles for all last week..

Clients had smiles last week with the South Holston River Fly Shop.

Sulphurs on the South Holston and BWO’s on the Watauga Rivers

Plus, if you want to chunk streamers for a big brown trout, that can be done too. As Rutger Wilson, South Holston River Fly Shop guide, did a couple of days ago on his day off.
Clients have been catching fish well on both rivers. Matt C has been fishing the Watauga a lot lately and catching fish. The bite is good.
There have been large Sulphurs hatches the last couple of weeks on the South Holston River, on both high and low water.
Midge pupae have been hammering fish for many people.
Come see us for your fishing needs. We are guiding daily. Give us a call at 423-878-2822 to book a trip with us.
Big Brown time is coming very soon.
If you are wanting to wade fish, this weekend looks very good. TVA is projecting a good wade schedule.
Thank you..


Fishing is good…….

on both the South Holston and Watuaga rivers. The guides are fishing good BWO hatches on the trips on the Watuaga River. And I expect there are some BWOs on the South Holston now also, if you know where to look. My experience is that the burp will trigger them.
As usual, midge, BWO’s and Sulphurs are the ticket. Yes, there are still Sulphur hatches happening and will be on and off for a while yet.
TVA is giving great wading schedules on the South Holston river. I expect that is what the winter wil be like: low water and lots of wading. Both rivers will have BWO’s all winter….it will be a winter of wade fishing…a dream in my opinion.
Come see us, or give us a call at 423-878-2822.
Tight Lines,

Good Sulphur Hatch on South Holston River

Still having some of the best Sulphur Hatches of the year now on the South Holston River.
On top of that, TVA is giving great wading schedules.
A couple of suggestions that may help you dry fly fish now. Fish across and down stream and mend. Get your fly to the fish before anything else….Drag Free. Use as light a tippet as you feel comfortable with. Catch the back end of the burp with a trimmed down puff daddy. Cripples are deadly.


Please give us a call for a guide trip at 423-878-2822.
We do wade and drift boat trips.
Thanks and good luck.
South Holston River Fly Shop

Good Sulphur Hatch on low water

There were several reports of a good Sulphur hatch yesterday on the South Holston River. Some say the best of all year.
Puff Daddies, cripples and comparaduns were the trick.
We also have BWO Puff Daddies athe shop shop now.
I cannot stress enough the value of across and down, drag free, dry fly fishing here. It works on tough , picky fish.
We are running a 6 hour float trip special for the winter…the cost is $325.
Please give us a call at 423-878-2822 or stop by the store.
Thank you,
Rod Champion
South Holston River Fly Shop

South Holston River

There are some nice fish being caught on the South Holston now. Browns are moving….good reports of midge fishing and Bwos.
Olivias and stripper midges are catching fish. And BWO nymphs.
We have all you need at the shop..stop by and see us.
For a trip, please call 423-878-2822
Thank you,
Rod Champion

Float Trip Special

Offering a Fall Float Special…
4 hour Float for Boat $250
6 Hour Float for Boat $300

Good time to chase some big brown trout on the South Holston or Watauga rivers.
For you waders, TVA is giving very good wade schedules….midges, BWO and BWO Nymphs has been working…also still have some Sulphur dry fly action.
Please give us a call at 423-878-822 or drop by the shop at 608 Emmett Rd. Bristol, TN. 37620

South Holston and Watauga Rivers

Our guides are fishing both rivers. Great time for a 1/2 wade and 1/2 Float trip on the South Holston River. on the Watauga you can get full day float trip.
TVA has been giving good wade schedules on the South Holston. Generation this week has begun at 12:00 or 1:00 p.m..
If you know how to jump ahead of the water, you can get about a full day wade. Or it is perfect for wade fishing a.m. and float fishing in the afternoon.
There are plenty of BWO nymphs in the water on both rivers.
Give us a call at 423-878-2822.

A few Fish

Dave and Rusty came to fish with Matt this week…these guys are a hoot to say the least.
Thank you Dave and Rusty for your continuing business.
Then Matt went last night a caught a big striper on a fly rod. If you want to do
this , give us a call at 423-878-2822.

Got you a late afternoon Special

South Holston River Fly Shop is offering a Special Late Afternoon float for Trout , Stripers or both.
It is a $75 savings off the regular float…making it $225.
Give us a call at 423-878-2822 and fish in the cool of the evening.
Client and friend Gary Newton boated his first East Tennessee striped bass on a fly rod yesterday.
Gary Striper
silver side

More than one way to skin a cat on South Holston River

These are just a few of last weeks guide trip catches.
First one is on Dry Fly…second on a nymph and third was from SoHo guide
Rutger Wilson–on a streamer.
Give us a buzz at 4234-878-2822 if you want to give it a cast.
eThe first of the week , it looks as if TVA is going to generate in the afternoons. Leaving just about all day wading if you know how to go down stream ahead of water.

Matt 2

South Holston River

Here are just a few of the dry fly fish John Stunkard’s clients caught last week.
John is also a very good streamer fisherman. So if you want to chunk some big stuff for big brown’s , John is a good one.
stunk 5
stunk bow 1

We have Openings July 3-5

on the South Holston river. The dry fly fishing is good. TVA is still giving good wade schedules for those who like to wade. But yet giving afternoon float schedules. So really the best of both worlds. If you want to float, give us a call at 423-878-2822–Thanks
Guinn rinbow
brown two

423-878-2822guinn  big brown