Week End Past – Good Fishing

Midge and black fly larva are catching fishing. And definitely micro mayflies are working. On Matt’s trips this weekend, they caught fish and a bunch of them. TVA is running 200 cubic feet per second continual flow. So wading is a piece of cake.  There are BWO’s on the water some and fish are rising to them, some. There are black fly’s coming off and spinners coming back to the water late evening , fish are sipping them. And black  fly larva are always available for trout.

This should be a good week for nymph and larva fishing.

Tight lines,

Rod Champion

Slucing is over as of Friday

It looks like Friday is the last day of sluicing on South Holston River. The prediction is for three  one hour pulses a day. So low water fishing will be on. Please check schedule always to make  sure that is what is happening. – ALWAYS Check schedule.  That should mean Sulphurs are not far away.

This week, I have fished every afternoon but Monday.

Midge pupae and black fly larva has been the key for me. Fish have been really eating them. They are full of both. They are in their mouths – their mouths are running over.

And as usual, black fly adults and spinners galore late evening.  I have seen a lot of BWO’s on the water. But fish don’t seem to be eating them. I have followed them out of sight many times this week- no fish ate them.

Come on, the water should be friendly to waders.

Tight lines,

Rod  Champion