Everything is turning up yellow or sulphur orange

It is on, here on the South Holston River in East Tennessee. Everyone was celebrating all up and down the river this past week. Sulphurs are popping up everywhere now, not just down stream. The bugs are anywhere from big pale yellows to smaller sulphur orange.  Sulphur nymphs are catching fish extremely well.  As are sulphur emergers , duns and spinners. Matthew Guinn and I spent two wonderful afternoons fishing the sulphur spinner fall.  Before the spinners arrived, Matthew really caught fish on a nymph.  It literally was almost every cast.   He caught a very fat 22″ brown that would have pushed 6 lbs.  Now that is a big brown trout. You know me, I held out for the dry fly fishing. It was worth it. It was superb .
On Matthew Champion’s guide trips , the fishing was also hot as a fire cracker. Sulphur dries with a sulphur nymph dropper was the ticket for his clients. And Bob Wolf also had a very good dry fly fishing only trip on Friday.
Have I ever told you what a great river this is. Well, it is. And the current fishing is as good as it gets.
Tight Lines All,
Rod Champion

Sulphur Dry Fly Fishing is back.

Friday evening was my first official sulphur dry fly ONLY trip for 2010 here on the South Holston River in East tennessee.
Have enjoyed watching that piece of yarn go down and catching fish on nymphs. But there is nothing like watching a fish sip a dry fly. And they did Friday evening. First there were emergers, then duns, then the spinners came back. Two hours of gloriouys dry fly fishing. One thing for sure. If you did not have the right color and size for the spinner representation, the browns did not want it. That still amazes me that at dark the fish still want it to be just right. They can flat see.
So it has started . And started with a sip.
Tight Lines,
Rod Champion