Sulphurs are beginning to show up!

The Sulphurs came off late afternoon wednesday  on the South Holston River. This was my first encounter this year with enough sulphurs to actaully call it a hatch.  And they came off pretty darn good for about 45 minutes.  Matt encountered them sparingly thru the week on guide trips. And being in the shop all week, I heard of the same small hatches from a number of people.  So it is close, real close.

On guide trips , Matt’s clients caught fish real well all week on nymphs . And I mean real well. The stories of continued  from customers all week on how good the fishing is , here on the South Holston River. And about how good the average size fish is.

Come join us, the river is m still on fire.

Tight Lines,

Rod Champion

South Holston River Fly Shop


Nymph Fishing on South Holston River

I cannot even begin to tell you how good the nymph fishing was yesterday. Actually it has been this good for 2 weeks now.  Sulphur nymphs are moving and fish are eating them. Nothing wrong with smaller nymphs also.  Tons of fish are being caught on midge pupae.  So it is – pick your poison. It has been that good. And as usual, presentation and a good drift is the key.

Tight Lines,

Rod Champion

Week End Past – Good Fishing

Midge and black fly larva are catching fishing. And definitely micro mayflies are working. On Matt’s trips this weekend, they caught fish and a bunch of them. TVA is running 200 cubic feet per second continual flow. So wading is a piece of cake.  There are BWO’s on the water some and fish are rising to them, some. There are black fly’s coming off and spinners coming back to the water late evening , fish are sipping them. And black  fly larva are always available for trout.

This should be a good week for nymph and larva fishing.

Tight lines,

Rod Champion