Dry Fly Fishing on the South Holston

The Sulphurs are on! Like big time on, here on the South Holston River
Give us a buzz if you want to float them and fish them…
Colby Trout
Check this Video out that Fly Shop Guide Josh McFadden took today of dry fly fishing

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Blake Boyd’s Puff Daddy has been a real fish catcher for years.

Blake Boyd’s “Puff Daddy” has been a real fish catcher for years.   A good representation of a sulphur or a blue winged olive depending on it’s color and size is sure to catch trout where you have fish rising.    Josh McFadden ties one up for you in the sulphur variation to use on the famed East Tennessee Tailwater- the South Holston River.


South Holston River 12/3/10


Bill Bolinger and I fished on Friday Dec. 3 we were going to fish on Saturday, but the weather looked bad so we decided to fish on Friday. I think that we made the right decision on, because Saturday was terrible weather. Bill came to try, and catch a big fish so we hit the water Friday morning with one plan in mind to try an hook up on a big fish. Well it didnt take us long to find a few big pre-spawn Browns. We got Bill set up an started fishing. We caught a few small fish right away. Then Bill hooked up one of the big Browns. After a good fight we got the fish to the net. After a quick couple of picture and measurement we released the Big 27″ Brown. We managed to caught a couple of more fish from that section then we decided to go eat lunch. After lunch we headed down river to catch the water falling. We got to our next spot and there were bugs coming of both Sulphurs and BWO’s. There were fish rising everywhere. We caught a few fish in there including on nice 15″ Brown, but that was not what we were looking for. So we moved spots again. We found us a section to fish, and right off the bat Bill was into fish. We caught several nice fish including one 17″ Brown. Then I spotted a nice shadow laying in some running water. Bill fished to were I had seen the fish. Then we hooked up on the fish at first Bill didnt think it was a big fish, but then we got a look at it. It was a beautifully colored 24″ male Brown. In the water fish flashed so much red that it almost looked like a Rainbow. We didnt see anymore big fish in that section so right before we ended we tryed another spot. We fished for a little while then spotted one nice 20″ fish we fished to it, and caught it. That was a great way to end the day. I had a great time with Bill, and we had a great day on the water.

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Tight Lines,
Matt Champion
South Holston Fly Shop

Watauga River Float 6/20/10

Larry and Alex Chappelear came to float with me on Sunday. They were wanting to float the South Holston River, but TVA was not running any water so we went to the Watauga River. We got on the water, and there was not a single boat on the water. We got on the water, and there was a few fish rising Larry had a Sulphur Comparadun with a Split Case dropper already tyed on so he started with that. He was into fish right away. I rigged Alex up with a Beelte with a dropper. We had some fish come up, and look at the Beetle but no fish wanted to take the Beetle. So I switched him up and Alex got into some fish. Then when the sun got high the fish went down. So we had to start nymph fishing. The fishing was pretty good, but not as good as the morning. Later in the afternoon the fishing got better, and the fish started rising again. The fishing got better most the fish were rising to Midges. It was a hot day, but the fishing was pretty good. We caught a good many fish, and I had a great time fishing with Larry and Alex.

If you would like a Guided Trip give us a call at 423-878-2822.

Tight Lines,
Matt Champion
South Holston Fly Shop

Watauga River 5/3/10

I fished the Watauga River Monday, and it fished well. We were going to fish the trophy section of the Watauga, but with all of the rain that came through the night before, the river was running muddy down low – so we took off upstream. The rain had not muddied up the river above the Doe River, so we put in and headed down the river.  We started out and we caught a couple of fish right off the bat.  Then we moved down some, and really got into the rest of the day.  The fishing was really good.  We didn’t catch any big fish, but a lot of 10-12″ fish.   All in all it was really a good day on the water.  The rain ended before we got going, and it only got hot one time during the day –  then the cloud cover came in.

If you would like a Guided Trip give us a call at 423-878-2822.

Good Fishing,
Matt Champion
South Holston Fly Shop

South Holston April 14-15

I fished two days with Jerry Ferguson and his son Logan on the South Holston River. Jerry lives on the river and wanted me to work with Logan on his fly fishing. So we meet up here at the shop and headed on to the river. We got to the river and Jerry wanted me to work with Logan for most of the day. I got both of them set up and sent Jerry in down river while me and Logan fished a good run. Logan was into fish right off the get go, and after a little work on his casting an mending he was hooking up pretty regular. Jerry wasn’t fishing much just watching us and taking pictures. He did catch a few fish in the morning. We stopped for lunch then headed to another spot. The fishing was still good. Logan caught some fish- then he got into looking for bugs. Every clump of Didymo Logan pulled up was full of Sulphur Nymphs and Beatis nymphs. By the end of the day, Logan had landed 18 nice trout. The biggest one was about 14.”  This was a great day!

Day 2

On the second day of our trip Jerry decided to fish. We got set up and headed to our first stop. We got to fishing and were catching a few, then the “rubber hatch” hit us. Several guys in one man pontoons came through us so we decided to move upstream.  As soon as we  stepped in the water,  Jerry start catching fish. I took Logan  upstream of Jerry and we were into fish too. Every time I looked at Jerry or Logan one of them had a fish on. Man the fishing was on fire! I had something happen to me that I have never had happen before. Both Jerry and Logan caught a true double. They both caught two fish at the same time, one on the top fly and one on the bottom fly. That tells you how good the fishing was. When we stopped for lunch and we asked Logan how many fish he had caught so far. He said he had landed 26 fish. Man that is a great morning of fishing! After lunch the river was pretty crowded so we found a section that didn’t have as many people in it. Jerry started working a run and was catching some smaller fish.  He did catch one really nice Rainbow. Logan and I worked another run when I spotted a big Brown Trout laying in the back of a pool. We worked the fish, and he took. That fish fought hard and Logan did a great job of fighting the fish. After a long fight we finally got the fish to the net. It was a big fat 21″ Brown trout. We took some pictures,  measured it, and then watched him swim away. It was a great fish, and one I don’t think Logan will forget for a while. I don’t know how much the fish weighted but I would guess that is was a 5-6lb fish. It was fat and healthy. We fished for a little while longer, caught a couple more then called it a day.

Not bad for a 9 year old boy- right? Way to go Logan!

If you would like to fish the South Holston River at its best come fishing now. The river is on fire.

Tight Lines,

Matt Champion