South Holston River 12/3/10


Bill Bolinger and I fished on Friday Dec. 3 we were going to fish on Saturday, but the weather looked bad so we decided to fish on Friday. I think that we made the right decision on, because Saturday was terrible weather. Bill came to try, and catch a big fish so we hit the water Friday morning with one plan in mind to try an hook up on a big fish. Well it didnt take us long to find a few big pre-spawn Browns. We got Bill set up an started fishing. We caught a few small fish right away. Then Bill hooked up one of the big Browns. After a good fight we got the fish to the net. After a quick couple of picture and measurement we released the Big 27″ Brown. We managed to caught a couple of more fish from that section then we decided to go eat lunch. After lunch we headed down river to catch the water falling. We got to our next spot and there were bugs coming of both Sulphurs and BWO’s. There were fish rising everywhere. We caught a few fish in there including on nice 15″ Brown, but that was not what we were looking for. So we moved spots again. We found us a section to fish, and right off the bat Bill was into fish. We caught several nice fish including one 17″ Brown. Then I spotted a nice shadow laying in some running water. Bill fished to were I had seen the fish. Then we hooked up on the fish at first Bill didnt think it was a big fish, but then we got a look at it. It was a beautifully colored 24″ male Brown. In the water fish flashed so much red that it almost looked like a Rainbow. We didnt see anymore big fish in that section so right before we ended we tryed another spot. We fished for a little while then spotted one nice 20″ fish we fished to it, and caught it. That was a great way to end the day. I had a great time with Bill, and we had a great day on the water.

If you would like a Guided trip give us a call 423-878-2822.

Tight Lines,
Matt Champion
South Holston Fly Shop

Watauga River Float 6/20/10

Larry and Alex Chappelear came to float with me on Sunday. They were wanting to float the South Holston River, but TVA was not running any water so we went to the Watauga River. We got on the water, and there was not a single boat on the water. We got on the water, and there was a few fish rising Larry had a Sulphur Comparadun with a Split Case dropper already tyed on so he started with that. He was into fish right away. I rigged Alex up with a Beelte with a dropper. We had some fish come up, and look at the Beetle but no fish wanted to take the Beetle. So I switched him up and Alex got into some fish. Then when the sun got high the fish went down. So we had to start nymph fishing. The fishing was pretty good, but not as good as the morning. Later in the afternoon the fishing got better, and the fish started rising again. The fishing got better most the fish were rising to Midges. It was a hot day, but the fishing was pretty good. We caught a good many fish, and I had a great time fishing with Larry and Alex.

If you would like a Guided Trip give us a call at 423-878-2822.

Tight Lines,
Matt Champion
South Holston Fly Shop

Dry Fly Fishing at it’s Best!

I know this sounds redundant since February of this year. But it is the truth.  Dry fly fishing could not be any better.  Ranging in size for 14-18 , the sulphurs last week were numerous.  They were all up and down the river.  Sulphur nymphs , emergers, dun patterns and then spinners, all caught fish at their designated time.   This past  Saturday, I heard of near blanket hatches  on some parts of the river. Heard tales of size 14 and larger PMD colored sulphurs.

Sulphur nymphs have still been hot as a fire cracker. Some stick with them all thru a hatch and hammer then.  And then nuts like me go to a dry as quickly as possible.  For me this past week, I fished Wednesday  thru Saturday evenings only. Would close the shop and head to the river. Each day was able to catch sulphurs on the water . And then fish large spinner falls . I can still see Saturday evenings spinner fall in my mind. I was where spinners were dropping out of the air and fish were set up every where sipping them. Fantastic pretty well describes the feeling and the sight. Fish literally everywhere eating them. Almost wall to wall trout were  set up smacking the dying bugs. It is impossible to get any better than that for me.

All of Matt’s trips were better than good. All caught fish well. And most quality fish.

I have two full AAA Grouse skins with head, wings and tails attched to the full skin. Great soft hackle and nymph leg materials. Each is $23, which is a very good price for AAA skins with all attached. Give us a buzz at 423-878-2822 if interested.

Tight Lines All,

Rod Champion

Sulphur Dry Fly Fishing is back.

Friday evening was my first official sulphur dry fly ONLY trip for 2010 here on the South Holston River in East tennessee.
Have enjoyed watching that piece of yarn go down and catching fish on nymphs. But there is nothing like watching a fish sip a dry fly. And they did Friday evening. First there were emergers, then duns, then the spinners came back. Two hours of gloriouys dry fly fishing. One thing for sure. If you did not have the right color and size for the spinner representation, the browns did not want it. That still amazes me that at dark the fish still want it to be just right. They can flat see.
So it has started . And started with a sip.
Tight Lines,
Rod Champion

Sulphurs are beginning to show up!

The Sulphurs came off late afternoon wednesday  on the South Holston River. This was my first encounter this year with enough sulphurs to actaully call it a hatch.  And they came off pretty darn good for about 45 minutes.  Matt encountered them sparingly thru the week on guide trips. And being in the shop all week, I heard of the same small hatches from a number of people.  So it is close, real close.

On guide trips , Matt’s clients caught fish real well all week on nymphs . And I mean real well. The stories of continued  from customers all week on how good the fishing is , here on the South Holston River. And about how good the average size fish is.

Come join us, the river is m still on fire.

Tight Lines,

Rod Champion

South Holston River Fly Shop



Thank goodness April 15 is past.  You need a good relaxing fishing day. You owe your self one. The nymph fishing here is hot as a fire cracker. You do not need to cover much ground to catch a ton of fish now. There are some grey baetis , bwo’s  and of course black flies and midges coming off. There are rumors of Sulphurs hatching. Me nor Matt have seen them. We have both seen a few, but that isn’t a hatch. I did see a spinner a couple of evenings ago. So it will not be long now.

TVA is not sluicing now. Just running a regular schedule. Which means they are filling the lake up. So wade fishing is the name of the game.

Below is a list of Tiemco Hooks we sell for $12.50 a box of 100.

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We have a big selection of hooks in stock and just got a new shipment in. Here is just a short list of what we have in stock.

TMC 2488 size 12-30 Dry Fly and scud hook- standard wire straight eye – WIDE GAP
TMC 2488H size 12-20 Heavy wire scud hook
TMC 100 size 12-26 Dry fly hook- WIDE GAP
TMC 102Y size 11-21 Black dry fly
TMC 101 size 16-26 Straight eye dry fly hook
TMC 200R size 6-22 Nymph hook
TMC 2487 size 16-24 Standard wire scud and nymph hook
TMC 2457 size 14-18 2X heavy down eye scud hook
TMC 2487BL- 16-20- Barbless
TMC 9300 size 12- 18 Nymph hook -WIDE GAP Nymph Hook
TMC 5262 size 10-18 2x long heavy hook
TMC 5263 size 6-18 3X long heavy hook
TMC 5212 size 14-16 2x long standard wire hopper stimulator
TMC 3769 size 12-18 2x heavy 1x long nypmh hook
TMC 3761 size 20 2x long – standard wire – nymph hook
TMC 2312-size 12-16 -Straight Eye, 2Xlong Hopper, Terrestrial
TMC 921 size 14, 16 2x short WIDE gap – Xfine DRY FLY Hook
TMC 300- 4X Long Streamer Hook– Sizes 8 and 10- $14 a hundred Pack

Daiichi 1100 size 16-22 Big eye dry fly
Daiichi 1150 scud or egg hook
Daiichi 1130 size 20-24 scud -midge pupae hook- down eye

Give us a call the next time you run out of hooks. Remember we can ship anywhere in the U.S, and there is no Sales Tax for out of State SALES.

Rod and Matt Champion

Slucing is over as of Friday

It looks like Friday is the last day of sluicing on South Holston River. The prediction is for three  one hour pulses a day. So low water fishing will be on. Please check schedule always to make  sure that is what is happening. – ALWAYS Check schedule.  That should mean Sulphurs are not far away.

This week, I have fished every afternoon but Monday.

Midge pupae and black fly larva has been the key for me. Fish have been really eating them. They are full of both. They are in their mouths – their mouths are running over.

And as usual, black fly adults and spinners galore late evening.  I have seen a lot of BWO’s on the water. But fish don’t seem to be eating them. I have followed them out of sight many times this week- no fish ate them.

Come on, the water should be friendly to waders.

Tight lines,

Rod  Champion