Watauga Charts

This is a simple Hatch Chart that will help you know what flies to fish with on your visit to the Watauga River in East Tennessee. All of these flies are available through our shop. You will soon be able to view photos of the flies and download a PDF version for your own use.


Blue Winged Olives – size 20-22
Midges – size 22-28

Real Meal Nymphs – size 20
Pheasant Tails – size 20
BWO Comparaduns and Parachutes


In the middle of March Black Caddis – size 20-22 emerge in large numbers.
A Black soft hackle or a CDC Black Caddis dry will both work.
This fly crawls to the shore and emerges. So watch the shoreline for “pops”. Then you know it is on.


Brings the Large Caddis’ on. Size 10-12.
These are big bugs and the big fish come to supper. This is an event!
Big olive and dark Elk Hair Caddis‘ will work.


The 16 cinnamon caddis’ begin. This is also a very large hatch.
Ginger soft hackles will really work.
Of course, Henyville Specials in tan body and dark wings will also.
As will an Elk Hair Caddis.

May also brings Sulphurs to the river. Size 16-18’s.
These bugs hang around all summer long. But they are especially good in the evenings in May and early June.
Comparaduns as usual are the ticket. As is yellow soft hackles.
And Flackback Pheasant tail nymphs.


Sulphurs continue.
Crane Flies in size 16-18 are all over the river thru the summer.
Ed Story’s Crackleback tied in Yellow Body and light dunn hackle [oversized hackle] work the best on for this hatch I have ever fished.

Midges as always.

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