Summer 2021

Welcome Summer! Great Sulphur Hatches on South Holston on low and high water. The upper Watauga has had huge Sulphur hatch last two days. Cicada bite has slowed down but not completely done.


June Fishing

Weir repair is finished on Soho. Good Sulphur hatch on upper river and seeing spinners at dark.

Watauga has heavy boat traffic but still fishing good. Sulphur hatch mid morning and early afternoon.  Cicada patterns are catching fish on sunny days in the Trophy Section!

5/20/2021 May update

Soho Wier repair has low flows on South Holston. Fish are looking up, small Puff Daddys and light tippet are key. Heavy traffic on Watauga but our guides are grinding it out and producing quality fish!