South Holston River continues to sluice 215 CFS due to outage. Flows are great and fish are looking up. Midge and small BWO hatch daily on upper river. BWO Puff Diddie, Morgans and Sparkle Dun #20-22 are catching fish. We are seeing some early Sulphurs on middle and lower. Rods Partridge and Sulphur, Split Back and Egans nymphs are working great as point flies. Midges are fishing good on all sections with Soho Purple/Silver & Stripper #22 top flies. Sulphur Puff Daddy #14-18 in stock!

Watauga River is still spilling 240 CFS. Great opportunity for wade and float fishing. The river is fishing really good despite the high traffic. BWO and midges are coming off on upper section. BWO Puff daddy, Black/silver Midge #18 and Black Mayhem are working. We are seeing a mix of BWO, Sulphur and Caddis on middle and lower late afternoon. Hot Belly PT Orange, Red Butt and SH Pheasant Tail #12-16 are top picks.

Our guides are primarily fishing the Watauga River. They are constantly changing their float schedules to avoid the crowds and pressured fish. We are seeing Trophy Browns in the net this week and anticipating an epic Caddis Hatch. Stop in or call for hatch updates and availability for Float Trips.

Picture from Soho Guide Joe Kostura’s boat. GO FISH!