South Holston continues a great schedule for wade fisherman. The upper section is fishing good with dry-dropper #18 Parachute Adams / Bwo with #20-22 Stripper or Scooter Midge. We are seeing a small Sulphur hatch around Osceola from 10 – Noon. Fish are not picky, Comparadun or Parachute PMD #16 will do. Middle river has a good Bwo hatch from 6 till dark. All CDC variations working well #18-22 Bwo Puff Daddy or  Comparadun works. Lower river is fishing good, a lot of small Rainbows being caught from Weaver Pike to lake.  #16-18 Copperhead, Hot Spot Orange and Split Back as point with a mix of #18-20 Purple, Red and Olive midges.

Watauga has a great schedule for wade or float fisherman. Our annual Black Caddis hatch is almost over. Still have some bug activity mid river in the morning and late evening #12-14 Peacock, Red Butt and #16-20 Elk Hair All Black will catch fish. We are having a great transition into our Sulphur Mayfly season. The upper and middle sections have bugs starting at noon and continue throughout the afternoon #16 CDC Sulphur, PMD and Puff Daddy are a must. The entire river is fishing good with #14-16 Egans, Hotspots, Split case and #16-18 SH emergers.

Our guides are primarily fishing Watauga due to low flows on South Holston. The river is fishing exceptionally well despite high traffic. It is a great time for the opportunity to nymph in the morning and dry fly all afternoon!

Great fish this morning From Matt Champions boat

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