The South Holston has started a great schedule for wade and float fishing. The upper river is fishing good with midges and Bwo. Stripper Midge, Scooter Midge and Rods Tube Bwo #20 are working. Good early morning surface activity from Osceola to TVA South. Puff Daddy Bwo, SH emerger grey #18 and Quigley Midge Cluster #20 are top pics. We are still seeing Sulphurs at River Bend from 11-2. Rods Cripple and Puff Daddy #18 are go-to patterns late season. This new schedule makes the middle and lower sections tougher to fish. Sight fish with dry dropper and deep nymph as the day progresses. Try Chubby Black/Tan #16-18, Mikes Magic #12, Flashback PT, Quasimodo #18 and Stripper #22

Watauga River has ended the Recreation Schedule and has low flows during the week. We are seeing a mix of BWO, Caddis and Midge on upper and middle river. The terrestrial bite is slowing down but not over. Pre-Spawn patterns are starting to come into play. Pats #14-16, Red Butt #12, UV PT Frenchie #16-18 and midges #18-20. Olive and Black Bugger #12 has been fishing great on drift.

Our guides are primarily fishing the South Holston. The high-water bite is the best we have seen all year. Bwo, Scuds, Midges #18-22 are working. We are having a good Sulphur hatch from TVA South to Riverbend from around 2-5:00ish. Small Sulphur / Pmd Dries are a must. The streamer bite is picking up and medium flies are the ticket. The Original Sculpzilla and Kreelex  #4 are catching fish.