South Holston River Report March 2022

The South Holston has had a great schedule for float trips. The nice weather and steady flows have created really good fishing!  Upper section is fishing great with nymphs. Eggs, worms, scuds, Hot spot #18 and midges are working. Small BWO hatch near Beidleman Creek at 2:00 but fish are very selective. Middle section is producing fish on streamers and sculpin patterns. Original Sculpzilla #4 and Black #8 are top picks this week.

Wade fisherman are having sucess on Soho when the schedule permits. Flashtail minis #14-16, Tan and Wine San Juan worm, Scooter midge and Sweet Thing are catching fish. *Several storms approaching area so check TVA for updates and schedule changes.

Half of our guides are still fishing the Watauga River. Good flows and low pressure are bringing big numbers to the net. Upper and middle sections are nymphing the best. Eggs, Jig Frenchie & Empty Pockets #16, split case #20 and midges are a must. All sections are streamer fishing good on High Water. Galloup,s Black and Brown/Tan Peanut Envy #2 on sinking line are moving big fish. Classic Patterns are working: Black Flash-A-Bugger and BH Olive Wolley Bugger #8. Stop by the shop for updates! GO FISH

Congrats JP with your new Soho PB Rainbow Trout!




South Holston River Report 1/28/2022

We are approaching the third week of Weir repair on the South Holston River. Despite the watercolor and lower flows (no pulses) the fishing has been good. Big midge hatches on upper section are producing good numbers for advanced anglers. Morgans midge and Black fly variations #22-24 are key. Nymph fishing is good on upper and middle. Non weighted flies PT,  Brassie and Medallion midge are working.

Our guides are still fishing the Watauga River. The consistent schedule and light traffic have kept the bite steady. BWO and midges are coming off on middle and upper. Non bead Split case, English PT, and Baetis patterns are a must. Red and Brown Midges #20 are working on upper section.

Streamer Fishermen willing to fish the afternoon high-water schedule are moving and catching some big fish.

Galloup’s Boogieman, Dungeon and Peanut Envy in stock. Go Fish!

South Holston River Report 12 / 1 / 2021

The South Holston River has had a good schedule for wade fisherman. Low water and good temperatures have created excellent dry fly fishing. The upper section has a nice mix of BWO and Sulphurs starting early afternoon. All CDC variations are working well #18 and 20s. Nymph fishing is good, a combination flashtail minis (all colors) and midges are catching fish.

Our guides are still on the Watauga and fishing is consistent. The water schedule is good for float and wade fisherman. Great BWO and Midge hatches on upper and middle sections. BWO SH and Puff Daddys are key. Hot spot nymphs and eggs are working great as lead.

Congrats Mike! Big brown from Matt Champion”s boat this morning.

















































































































South Holston & Watauga River Report 11/2021

South Holston continues high water during the week & window for wading on weekends. The high-water bite has been slow and guides have moved to Watauga. Locals are taking advantage of BWO hatch on upper section around 4 o’clock. Low water is fishing good with small midges, it is important to have several different colors on hand.


Watauga is constantly making schedule changes. Our guides are doing great despite more boat traffic this Fall. BWO, Jigs and midges are key. Wade fisherman have had great BWO hatches on falling water. Small streamers & eggs are fishing good on the upper sections.

Congratulations Steve and Shop Guide Brody Green! Big fish in the net yesterday!!

South Holston River Report 10/15/2021

South Holston is constantly changing generation schedule. High water was fishing great with small midge patterns. The predicted schedule is showing less water for the weekend. The wade fisherman are having great success on dry-dropper and 7X.  Still see a good Sulphur hatch on upper river when schedule permits.

Watauga River has had a better schedule for guides. The river is busy so picking the right section to fish or float is import. BWO hatch late afternoon in town. Split case and emergers are key on middle section. Upper section still has good midge bite and pre spawn patterns are getting started.


South Holston River Report 9-16-2021

South Holston River has started a afternoon generation schedule. Morning bite is good on zebra midges 20-22 and 7X. Fish are still looking up and good amount of surface activity. Small Sparkle Dun, Puff Daddy and Morgans are working.

Afternoon high water is fishing consistent on nymph rigs. UV PT and midges are fishing good. We still have a short Sulphur hatch around three o’clock. Seeing a  mix of BWOs late afternoon. Small Puff Daddy in both patterns is a must.

Our guides are primarily fishing the Watauga. The generation has been off during the week and 12-6 on Saturday. Heavy pressure and low water has made the afternoon bite slow. There is still a terrestrial bite and seeing good amounts of BWOs. Egan’s, Jig Nymphs and small midges are producing fish.



South Holston and Watauga River update 8/28

South Holston flows have been consistent last two weeks. The midge bite in the morning has been good. Afternoon generation kicks off a great Sulphur hatch for several hours. Split case nymphs and small CDC flies are key.

Anglers looking for a challenge and big fish should consider a low water guide trip on South Holston

Nice Brown from Joe Kostura’s boat yesterday

Watauga River has been fishing good this week. Dry – Dropper with terrestrials is highly effective this time of the year. Pheasant tail variations and small Baetis have been productive. Afternoon generation creates a large window for our guides and wade fisherman.



8-13-2021 South Holston River Report

South Holston is generating in the afternoons this week. We are having Sulphur Mayfly hatches for 1 -2 hours on this schedule. Our guides are having good numbers on nymphs during float trips. Morning low water is fishing good with small dry – dropper set up.

Weekends have had less generation and a longer wade schedules. The early afternoon pulses (1hour flows) are producing great dry fly fishing. Puff Daddy and small CDC patterns are working great! Go Fish

7-29-2021 Dry Flies on South Holston

Its a great time for dry fly fisherman on the South Holston! We are having daily Sulphur hatches on high and low water. TVA has started a afternoon float schedule. (Half wade & half float trips available during this time) Fish are looking up and terrestrials are fishing good. Keep an eye out for fish eating beetles under trees. Chernobyl ants, crickets, Kiwi and Japanese beetles in stock. Summertime is a great time for throwing mouse patterns. We are starting night trips this weekend. Call the shop with any questions or check dates for trips.

Mid July Update 7/14/21

Great Sulphur hatches on the upper sections of both rivers. Fish are picky so small bugs are key. We still have good AM wade schedules and not too crowded. Our guides are doing well on both rivers. Low water Soho produced a few big fish for Middle Tennessee Fly Fishers annual trip. Shop is stocked and guides are available. GO FISH!